Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead, But Harassment Is

October 30, 2014

By now everybody has seen the video produced by Hollaback, a movement to end street harassment, because it is all over the internets.

Apparently really influential black journalists such as Jamilah Lemieux believe that more Black males need to come forward with their opinions on the matter.  Very Smart Brothas website editor Damon Young has answered the challenge already, but I am still willing to put my two cents in.

Pick-up Artists, or men that make it their business to try and “holler’’ at women they do not know, baffle me.  I have never been one to harass women in the street or tolerate those that do.  The practice always seems so desperate and I was never really good at, and unwilling to learn.

Let’s get these facts out of the way: I have only had maybe 6 hours of pick-up artist experience in my life because I am spoiled.  I’m a handsome man.  I was a cool kid.  I went to Howard University.  I’m blessed.  Everybody isn’t as fortunate to forever have the odds in their favor when looking for love or companionship.

Oddly enough, my six hours of pick-up artist experience came at Howard University during the first hours after dismissal from the Incoming Freshman Convocation, spilling over into the Campus Pals’ Ice Cream Social, and concluded while attending the party that ensued.  I learned so much in that short span of time and the etiquette that I would use to interact with women changed drastically, and permanently.

The dynamics were completely set-up because this was truly a unique situation.  All of the incoming Freshmen were moving into dormitories and were very excited to have, and share, their own personal phone numbers.  No doubt, some of them were like me and had never had a personal phone number of their own before that great day.  (I guess you have to think about life before cell phones, because my first day of college was a long time ago.)  Also the Freshmen tended to move in unison, like a mass hoard of black scholars eager to get far away from their parents.

Now, as I mentioned, my experience in the dreaded cold approach was limited but even I knew a can’t-lose situation when I encountered one.  The problem was that every other guy recognized it too.  One could obtain the names and phone numbers of complete strangers with relative ease just by striking up an innocent conversation on the shared experiences of “our first day.”  All boys school didn’t turn me into a mute and I literally “booked” my first Howard woman –or any woman, for that matter, without even trying.

  • book – African American (East coast?) slang from the 80’s meaning to obtain the name and phone number of a prospective sexual interest.

All of my boys caught on fast.  It became a numbers game very quickly.  I’m afraid that all of the adolescent posturing led to a contest of sorts: who could book the most.  Soon, more experienced pick-up artistry was on display and lame attempts were exposed for what they were.  Did that smooth brother just make his approach off of positive eye contact?  Is this whack negro’s only move to grab the arms of unsuspecting women in a vain attempt to impede their progress?  Win or lose, success or disaster: all of your actions were on display.

Doing less, equaled more.  My final tally was somewhere in the twenties, and I remember being thoroughly proud that I didn’t embarrass myself in front of my new peers.  I also remember thinking that I never wanted to do that again.  Sure, if I met someone then I met someone but I didn’t want to consciously approach with such superficial intentions, again.  If the point of getting the digits was for a greater purpose then I wanted the whole process to suit my needs and desires.

Did I want the woman that could be approached easily, for anything?  Besides being a lot of work to obtain, would any of my efforts to put sheer numbers in the book yield results?  All of it proved to be an exercise in futility, anyway.  We would all, presumably, have to see each other again for the next four years or so whether anyone tried to holler that first day or not.  Genuine connections were more valuable than phone numbers.

The whole entire holler game seemed fake and the knife cut both ways.  Many of the women knew what was up and would oblige any potential suitor with the knowledge that they might never actually call.   There are only so many hours in a day.  I guess I found a better use of my time than chasing women down.  The women that I wanted didn’t appreciate it and my first rule of trying to use my dick is not to be a dick.

If you can create the intrigue and pique the curiosity of your target, you will never have to risk a cold approach again.  So you saw beautiful woman in a public space.  Great.  You really aren’t pimpin’ though until she is wondering what it is like to sit in your lap.  There is no book for that.  Get it together, little brothers, and let these women be.  If she isn’t showing any outward, but even subtle, signs of reciprocation then you need to keep it moving until she does.

Like it or not, pimps are the best at this type of recruiting.  I’m not suggesting that you have to really have to start pandering and dropping quotes from a Hughes Brothers film called American Pimp, but there is something to it.  If you know the game, then make them choose you.  I leave you with this.

  • “It ain’t easy, man. It might look glamour-like to ya, ‘cause you see me ridin’…ya dig? Snakeskin down to the flo’, ya dig? Hat and shoes to match. Diamonds on fingers and watches on arms… It might look easy, but ya gon’ hafta work some to get to this status… see ya at the top.”  – Bishop Don Magic Juan

What A Win! DeMatha Surges Past Gonzaga 28-20!

October 28, 2014


Anytime DeMatha beats Gonzaga, I’m smiling. This time the Purple Eagles lost to the Stags on senior night after being wildly over-hyped at the beginning of the season. (They were ranked #25 in the country at one point.) All of a sudden Gonzaga is going to have to fight just to get into the playoffs. The Stags can lock up the second seed in the playoffs behind Good Counsel with a win on November 8th against Archbishop Carroll. Go Stags!

The DeMatha players to watch are S/WR DJ Turner, RB Lorenzo Harrison, RB Anthony McFarland, WR/CB Tino Ellis, and sophomore QB Beau English.

Originally posted on Inside DeMatha Football:

Down 13 points at halftime to Gonzaga on Saturday, DeMatha coach Elijah Brooks challenged his team to put forth a better effort in the second half. The Stags responded. Led by powerful running from Lorenzo Harrison, DeMatha scored 21 straight points en route to a 28-20 come from behind victory.

Screen shot 2014-10-26 at 10.05.35 AM“With all the starters we lost, we know people have been counting us out,” Harrison told the Washington Post. Harrison finished the game with 155 yards and two touchdowns.

“All that matters is we know we can get the job done, and that’s what we did.”

The win against Gonzaga showcases a DeMatha defense improving as the year goes on. The Eagles came into Saturday’s game with arguably the best offense in the WCAC, and after a sloppy start, the Stags slowed the Eagles to a crawl.

“As a defense, we realized that the only reason they were making…

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Read: The New Jim Crow, & Get Back To Me

October 22, 2014

Have we all been totally honest about the historical, global, insidious oppression of African peoples?

What of this notion that the worst of said insidious oppression of African peoples happened many years ago and can’t be accounted for to determine the true legacy or value of its effects? 

Recently there has been a lot of talk in the news about justice for African-Americans in the United States of America, due to events like the police killing of an unarmed teenager Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th of this year.  While racism appears to be a worldwide problem, the United States of America seems to be leading the world in denying that racism is applicable in the normal operation and function of modern power brokerages, today. 

This recent news video about the coverage of the shooting of Mike Brown shows that America has a problem confronting problems of race.  There were many articles written on the subject of Ferguson but this piece was emblematic of regular people scratching their heads as to how the U.S. government always seems complicit in the systematic destruction of the black race.

Say it with me kids: institutional racism.  Michelle Alexander author of The New Jim CrowLawyer and author Michelle Alexander went to extremely great lengths in her book, The New Jim Crow, published in 2010 to explain how prisons in the United States are creating a caste system that is disproportionately hurting black people there. 

Over at The Atlantic writer Tanehisi Coates has created an online book club of sorts that is discussing intricate details about this important book, chapter by chapter.  I don’t think that I have the patience to do that, but I do intend to discuss the book further on this website.

Hopefully, I sent you off on a good start.

DeMatha Rolls To School Record Win Over McNamara 70-32

October 21, 2014


The 2014 DeMatha Stags football team is rearranging the record book, and looking forward to a match-up against Gonzaga.

Originally posted on Inside DeMatha Football:

What a win! When the Stags fully click, the rest of the WCAC needs to look out. As evidenced by Friday night’s 70-32 win over McNamara, DeMatha put together an explosive offense and tough, playmaking defense and elite speed.

 Expect much more this week from head coach Elijah Brooks, and it will be tough for the coach to pick his Players of the Week after such a big win!

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Teetering Down the Path Towards Destruction

October 14, 2014

I try to keep things light here on the internet, believe it or not, but it is finally time to own up to the fact that the world isn’t doing too well.

The most recent negative news came from the 2014 Living Planet Report published by the WWF.  The data cited in that respected document points to a 50% decline in known vertebrate species, worldwide, over the last forty years.

That is a terribly sobering number for me because I happen to be forty years of age.  The destruction of the planet seems to be increasing at an alarming rate.  The limited resources exploited by human beings are becoming ever scarce and the already unequal divisions of such resources will likely evolve into something even worse than unfair.

All the while a deadly contagion threatens the world with mass infection or, at least, hysteria.  The world-leading United States of America has been fighting a war in one form or another since 2001 and folks of a certain race there continue to foster a nasty habit of killing other races.  Global warming presents immediate sustainability issues but has hardly emerged into an actionable discovery due to disagreements on policies.  All of these facts seem to be ingredients in the recipe of the decimation of mankind but I can’t really call when this cake truly gets baked.

Of course there is some science that helps to make up our current situation but there is a lot that isn’t as readily predictable.  Rather than resign myself to being completely helpless, I have decided to use this blog and others to speak up about the deplorable conditions.  In addition to posting short essays and disseminating important information I will be more vigilant in my contributions to mainstream media and to the world.  My diligence is now guided by the belief that good people have a responsibility to do something.  We must all take care to guard humanity and to ensure that future generations can exist on this planet.

Let me be explicit: I am nobody special.  I am not particularly educated in these subjects and I can boast of no unique qualifications to discuss all or any of them.  I am not the best writer and there are plenty of people paid to do that already from reputable establishments.  As a matter of fact, I would venture to say that I am extremely unremarkable as evidenced by my current lack of gainful employment –of any kind, for over a year.  Add homelessness to the litany of breaks that haven’t gone my way recently and my invisibility is complete.  This is a Hail Mary because everything that I have seen thus far tells me that it is time for drastic measures.

We might already be past the tipping point and teetering down the path towards destruction but maybe, somehow, I could be of service?

The Win Streak Continues: DeMatha 21, St. Johns 14

September 27, 2014


Young Underdogs. I like the sound of that. Super sophomore powered the DeMatha Stags to victory recently and I thought you might want to know.

Originally posted on Inside DeMatha Football:

What a win! DeMatha went into Friday night’s game an underdog to St. Johns, but after a gutty effort, the Stags knocked off the Cadets in overtime 21-14. Wide receiver Darryl Turner Jr. dove for the end zone pylon in overtime, and got the TD, delivering the win for DeMatha!

Screen shot 2014-09-27 at 11.41.20 AM

We will have a full report on the game Monday, but for today, enjoy knowing the Stags moved to 1-0 in the WCAC and 3-2 for the season. The Washington Post has a great write-up on the game, click here to read.

Expect insight from DeMatha head coach Elijah Brooks and the announcement of the Players of the Week soon. Go Stags!

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Without Explanation

August 6, 2014

Black DeMatha Jesus 2

Species Profile #1

March 4, 2014

So I go to the Native American Zodiac Animal page and I came across my totem, and it is the Sea Otter.  (Even though on the page they keep referring to the pictured animal as just plain “Otter,” which basically means that it is of the freshwater variety.)  Take my word for it –because I’m a biologist, that the organism pictured is, in fact, a sea otter Enhydra lutris

I wrote a species profile on the animal mainly because God only gave Adam one job…  Consider me as one of the faithful, even if you never hear from me ever again.  I’m innovating on the fringes so I don’t have time to post much. 

If you care to read some of my original science work about sea otters (Enhydra lutris) then here it is.  (Don’t plagiarize me, bro!)

I’m busy, but Happy Mardi Gras people!

DeMatha at I-95 Kickoff Classic: Claimbombing Edition

September 4, 2013

“There is no rest for the weary” – Common Idiom

“Claimbombing is when you just keep dropping names in conversations for no reason because you can.” – Maya Brown

If the DeMatha Stags (2-0) want to win a National Championship in High School Football then they can’t be worried about the mental lapses that fell under the scrutiny of a national ESPN audience last Monday.  DeMatha is travelling to New Jersey to take on the Green Knights of Saint Joseph Regional in Montvale (0-0).  The Green Knights opted to make the Stags their first opponents of the season in the high profile, annual Interstate 95 Kickoff Classic which matches teams from New Jersey against those from the DC metropolitan area.

I know Maya Brown, personally.

Claimbombing nomenclature proponent, model, and personal friend, Maya Brown.

This important speculative high school football showcase was conceivably fabricated in order to consolidate the rankings between the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions.  (So far it hasn’t worked and DeMatha doesn’t even to benefit from “comparative losses” given their strength of schedule.)  Still only wins matter and none of the teams participating can afford to take games lightly as the outcome of each game will be a deciding factor in the rankings the following year.  In short, if any team from Maryland is going to have a chance at a national title then the easiest route is for all the Maryland teams to win their games against New Jersey competition -or at least most of the games played.  The same is true, vice versa, for the New Jersey schools but DeMatha has clearly benefited from Maryland’s showing last year.

The jury is still out on what, exactly, the Green Knights are holding over there but DeMatha should maintain the focus on building a championship team.  These antlers can’t possibly stay fuzzy for too much longer: the regular season starts in a fortnight.  Classes have only been in session for a full week and I know that there is plenty to distract them from the task at hand right now.  The key to a DeMatha victory is to improve upon overall team performance from prior weeks and to capitalize on real game experience.  There are going to have to be a lot less turnovers and much better play execution in order for the Stags to accomplish that.

The main rub on the Green Knights is that they aren’t going to have any points of comparison to build on from 2013.

On to more claimbombing.

I would love to see that redheaded kid from Long Island throw for three hundred yards in a semi-homecoming but there is an easier victory to be had if DeMatha sticks with the run.   The Stags’ offense is in the hands of QB #16 John Lovett and his ability to deliver the ball to playmakers like WR #5 Cameron Phillips and RB #28 Taiwon Deal.  (I also love the check down plays to FB #32 Jaire George.)  DeMatha has an outstanding defensive unit and I’m guessing that this is a game in which CB #3 Jamal Robinson, DE #9 Deonte Holden, and super sophomore DE #34 Shane Simmons will all truly emerge as outstanding talents.

The entire team seemed to breathe a sigh a relief when RB #1 Mark Allen was able to run for his first carry since tearing his ACL last year because he is just one more play maker with something to prove in 2013.  I’m also expecting LB #33 Ju’Whuan Bentley to pick up where he left off by instilling fear in opposing teams.   The entire DeMatha Stag Offensive Line needs to continue to do what they do (which is mainly block and weigh 300 lbs eat pancakes), as well.

So far, I don’t think that we have seen the true identity of this 2013 DeMatha Stag Football Team.   Strength, speed, power, size, and finesse are all words that can be used to describe the team right now but will they also be great?  DeMatha Catholic High School for Boys has certainly had great teams and each of them had a signature.  Make sure you pay attention to all the signs.

I believe the game is being broadcast on the internet somewhere, so you will have to check Twitter for coverage…

DeMatha Stags Tople Florida Power Godby Cougars 26-9 On ESPN

September 2, 2013
Links to Prince George's Gazette article on the game.

Senior Defensive End #9 Deonte Holden comes up big with a sack.

DeMatha took care of business in the Under Armour Fallen Heroes Classic at College Park, Maryland -effectively holding down home turf against a defending Florida state (5A) championship team.  The Godby Cougars found it extremely difficult to move the ball against a stout DeMatha team defense.  The famous speed of Florida high school football only seemed to burn DeMatha once on a 89 yard kick-off return for a score, but the game was already out of reach.

DeMatha was able to run the football between the tackles on a consistent basis.  Given the Stags’ history they have a 95% chance of winning games in which that scenario plays out.  In the case of the ESPN match up honoring recent alumni killed in action, it was done strictly by committee.  Of course a whole lot of credit has to go to the offensive line, being the collective heavyweight chairmen of the running committee.

DeMatha used size and strength to over power and straight up bully in the trenches and at least three different running backs for DeMatha were able to capitalize with big runs over the course of the shortened game.  DeMatha dominated in time of possession despite turning the ball over multiple times and giving the momentum back to the Godby Cougars at crucial times.  Click the picture above and get more in-depth game coverage from the Prince George’s Gazette.

Brendan Looney DM '00

LT Brendan Looney USN SEAL wore #10 at DeMatha

This DeMatha team is obviously young and inexperienced, but they are also obviously talented at all of the impact positions in football.  There are simply too many Stags to name here in this missive so I won’t single any of them out.  Today’s showing on ESPN was very much a team effort, anyway.  The mistakes that were made revealed that the DeMatha Stags have a lot to work on.

Fumbles and goal line interceptions cost the Stags more than points but luckily the game was never in doubt.   After giving up a field goal early in the first quarter the Stags reeled off twenty points to go into halftime with the lead.  When the DeMatha football team played well, which was most of the time, the Godby Cougars looked over matched.  However when DeMatha didn’t play well the entire team suffered enough to offer glimmers of hope to the weary visiting Florida team.

For DeMatha this game is an important win on the road to perhaps what could be a High School National Championship in Football.  A win over a Florida team by Maryland creates a pairing point in national rankings.  DeMatha travels to NJ next in a bid to consolidate the East Coast football landscape and focus it in on Maryland for the first time in a decade.

All of this is happening before the grueling WCAC season even begins for the Stags.  They haven’t won the title in four years and yet this summer DeMatha had the highest ranked football team in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  The Stags will have to make good on all of this early season promise in order to best the competition in the finest conference in America regardless of what happens in New Jersey.

Stags are getting fat right now on that good summer grass that sweeps over begging to be devoured.  Pretty soon the Stags are going to stop feeding their faces long enough to rub the itching velvet off of their racks.  And I think you know what happens after that…

Bedlam in Hyattsville.

GO Stags!


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