From The Other Site… Part I

Numerology: From 1974 to 2002 and Beyond

I’m approaching the four pillars and they are seven columns deep

And that’s the GOD number, so now my power moves won’t sleep.

Before they had lied so dormant in the year of my possession

that Babel towers tried to kill me (upside down!) with nines in three succession.

Never mind the numerology. Numbers cannot make the man

but Reverence, Diligence, Conscience, Intelligence seven fold is what can!

Let twenty-eight be great. Watch the POWER come and make me

I was born in seventy-four, the product of which is what can take me

Full circle either way you can trust the gateway palindrome

In two thousand and two round numbers show and prove my home.


(7 & 2 [squared] are the numbers that I am looking for maybe. Maybe one or the other, or neither, I don’t know everything though. Maybe 1 of you can help or show? … Either way I am sure 2 figure it out eventually and build and then have 1-2 grow. Add all of the numbers in 1974 and see them come to 21? Day of my month [1], my birthday, and that leaves us 1-2-1. 2 many numbers, numbers many 2 – either way I’m done.)

Numerology © 2002 for Lord Judger Barrelman and the Whole Entire WMIBAS?TM Crew


Parties As A Result:

1008 is the product of the title numbers: on the 18th of January Party at Bungalow 8 with me to kick off.

Party with me on the 19th at Luahn ("Yo! We at Luahn getting our groove on." – Jay Z) in continuation.

The 20th is Sunday and should be church and then a pajama party in BK in conjunction with Chanda Rule.

The 21st is the closer. Get there early for the real deal. "Club Cheetah’s is the club that needs you…" [sic]

How To RSVP:

Holler at me: 212 663 7353. Find out about expected times. (Very Important.) Password = POWER 28

What To Expect:

Serious party. Total VIP. Nobody Pays for ANYTHING. Just bless me when you present yourself. (lol)



21st Street Between 5th and 6th

Luahn’s (did I spell this right?)

13th & 5th

Pajama Party

BK – near Putnam and Nostrand in the Stuy. Exact address upon RSVP only players!


First Baptist Church, Glen Cove Long Island & Canaan Baptist Church in Harlem NYC

(morning and noon respectively)

2002 © All original works and calculations were completed by DICooper, the guy doing it all for POWER

January 21, 2002


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