From The Other Site… Part II

W.E.B. DuBois once wrote that the greatest problem of the 20th Century was race. The same argument can made for the 21rst century and every other subsequent era that will include Africans being oppressed throughout the globe.

I mean to tell all that will listen that the root of the problem is hate and racism apparently inherent in a controlling faction of white, or otherwise lighter skinned, people. The careful history of this nation as well as others includes the subjugation of dark skinned people and the forceful requisition of those peoples’ resources. In the case of America and the practices of chattle slavery, the people were themselves used as a resource and destined for generations of servitude.

Today the descendants of the white factions that humiliated a race of people for 400 years enjoy the benefits and privileges of a slave labor windfall that helped to build a capitalistic empire. Black people in America have never reached the plateau of equality promised in the Constitution of the United States or realized the dream of Rev. Martin Luther King. The "mountaintop" has never been climbed and the early expeditions in the proverbial struggle for enfranchisement have all but ended in discontent and apathy.

Blacks in America are now fighting for reparations and at the same time white people wonder if they have done all they could do to help them already. Some white folks are still wondering if they should help them at all.  Assistance in the form of a large federal settlement is not likely due to the diminishing political voice that once outnumbered whites in the South by a three to one ratio. 

Today the very same force that supplied the necessary tools to construct a nation is no longer the largest minority in the United States. The only federal programs left that were designed, specifically to help the descendants of slaves are under the microscope by people who don’t recognize why we started them in the first place. In the Affirmative Action and even some Black Colleges are in danger of being eradicated by conservatives and liberals alike. Africa continues to compete with imperialistic European attempts to garner resources from everything to advantageous ports, oil, and diamonds. Once again, dark skin people all over the globe must find new ways to survive in a world which has increasingly little tolerance for them.

When taking stock of the entirety of the situation a scholar will recognize the recurring themes: whites oppress blacks, whites build empires at the expense of blacks, and whites offer left-handed assistance to blacks. Furthermore an activist-scholar, or a person of action, would work to circumvent or eliminate those themes that continually obstruct justice and equality. What is your plan of action for the 21rst Century in regards to race in America?


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