Where Are The Braves?

Their land is here
It never left.
They never sold it.
They always knew where it was.
They always knew how to care for it better than most.

Their bison have returned.
They never over-hunted.
They never took their quarry for granted.
They always used to roam in massive numbers.
They always used every single usable part of them with no waste.

Their name meant "human beings"
They befriended white men easily.
They fed them in harsh winters.
They showed them how to live in the land of the free.
They shared with them everything, including their homes.

Gone from the list of Great Nations
Gone from the sovereign rights of a people
Gone from the plains where they were most notable
Gone from reservations even into the Great Spirit.
Where are all of the Braves, now, in the "home of the brave?"



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