Okay I guess I should start with Thursday Evening, Friday morning.  Nobody is going to believe for a second that I was involved in a V.I.P. eye contact discussion with both Sean “Puffy” Combs (to whom I also gave a pound) and Sean “Jay-Z” Carter, but it is decidedly true.

It’s all because I know Nicholas Cohen the  party promoter and nightclub manager.  (He’s likely to tell you as a matter-of-fact that he isn’t your typical Irish, Jewish, immigrant New Yorker.)  I know it’s a loose association for most people any time that you mention New York City night life, but for me it’s a system of being.  Nick is cool people, he’s engaged to a South Africa bombshell with a bobble-ass-banging body.  (He’s my hero for even attempting to step to her in the first place!  Pictured left.)  Anyway Nicholas always let’s your boy in V.I.P. long before he let’s anybody else in V.I.P.  Maybe a lone, Guinness-drinking, black man dancing by himself is good for business?  At the very least it makes people wonder, which is the point….

As a result of my good fortune of having full knowledge that the people who are currently employing me have no intention of hiring me again, I now go out on nights that I would traditionally stay home on.  This past Thursday happened to be famous rapper night at Mission, which is exactly where Nicholas works his steez in full effect.  The bar is out of control now.  I’m sure that you’ll be hearing more about it on rap albums to come out soon.

Okay how about last night I partied with Stretch Armstrong (pictured right) in a house party near Bowery and Bond.  I know it doesn’t really sound that unbelievable unless you factor in the free, that’s right I said it, FREE LIQUOR.  It was completely open too.  One of those true New York experiences.  Either you knew exactly where the party was and attended or you didn’t.  No invitations.  Those in the know, know what I am talking about.

Oh yeah, Q-Tip was there as well as various and sundry New York fashionistas of great glamour and beauty.  I met this twin named Ayaa with a cute face and a bobble but she didn’t give me the time of day.  Her sister looked just like her and paid me no attention whatsoever either.  Oh well, you can’t win all of them, all of the time.


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