I Party Like a Rap & R&B Star Icon Legend

I know that nobody is going to believe the story that I have to tell about how my fellow alumnus Danladi met me up in New York and was witness to yet another star-studded club scene.  We had both been dropping names and mentioning our mutual friend, and R&B sensation, Maxwell in conversations together for about a year before we both wound up at his table at a Valentine’s Day party at Show.  Imagine both of our surprise at discovering that neither one of us was actually lying.

When you really consider the long and short of it though, it is no wonder.  We have both been blessed with similar virtues and have similar relations that possess a small degree of fame.  In fact it was during the Christmas break in 1996 when Danladi and I first saw each other out of the confines of our familiar Yard at Howard University when we attended a birthday party for Quincy Jones’ daughters.  I was sitting at a table with my sister, Russel Simmons, Carmen Electra, B-Real (Cypress Hill), and of course Huey Morgan.  Danladi was looking for his brother, Tunde -a friend of my sister, spaced-out on the New York City club vibe and the dank-puffing, thronging crowds.  We made a vow way back then to back up each other’s story because of the audacity of it all.  It didn’t matter: most doubters pretended apathy.

I guess it was that initial experience that I had with Danladi that leads me not to be too quick to boast about what nobody really cares about.  I mean, who really cares about the fact that we drank champagne the other night until we were pissy?  Who cares that Lil’ Cease was impressed with the quality and strength of my enhanced atmosphere and never ending supply of choking laughter?  Does it really matter that every lady in the building was trying to throw Danladi, a quiet mackadellic, their panties and even grabbing his hands as he walked by?  (I myself had a rendezvous with a Valentine in mind and refrained from accepting this kind of base activity.)  Does anyone really care about the fact that now I only have to meet Grand Puba and Sadat X to complete the cipher of Brand Nubians after having burned down the house with Alamo and Lord Jamal?

Wow.  Why Must It Be A Secret?  This past President’s Day weekend was off the heezy for sheezy.


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