Three Year Old Gives Black History Speech on Paul Robeson…

From my previous blog: Three Year Old Gives Black History Speech on Paul Robeson, Begins Pledging Alpha Phi Alpha.  (Feb 26, 2004)

Also published in Deconstructing Tyrone: A New Look at Black Masculinity in the Hip Hop Generation, by Natalie Hopkinson and Natalie Moore..

Last Thursday Maverick Michael Delano McGann, a three-year-old, stepped in front of his nursery school class at Howard University and gave a special Black history month speech on his hero, Paul Robeson.  During his presentation, complete with contact boards, illustrations, and audio aids, Maverick noted the achievement of the man known as a gentleman, scholar, athlete and "octopus."  Although Maverick has trouble pronouncing the word "activist" his speech was very informative and many of the other students in the class were taken with his energetic style of instruction on the matter.

Maverick showed all of his peers the brand new Paul Robeson stamp and then broke out into a make-shift, Alpha-shuffle-like, step that infused his message.  Sources close to me say that the reason he chose to do his report on Robeson also stemmed from his legacy affiliation with Beta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity Incorporated, also located at Howard University.  (It is also a well publicized fact that Paul Robeson is member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity Incorporated.)  As if this wasn’t already going in a fraternal direction, Maverick provided his eager listeners with an audio tape of Paul Robeson’s rendition of the poem Freedom Train, by Langston Hughes.  As a finale Maverick announced that he was going to eat pizza, his favorite food, to his jealous cohorts and thanked everyone for coming.

When questioned about the event and his obvious affiliation with the fraternity, Maverick offered the typical pledge or "P-boy" answer which was no comment, and then quickly changed the subject to sports.  While technically Maverick does attend Howard University Academy which is a nursery school, his involvement in the undergraduate chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha (Bloody Beta) cannot be denied.  His father and Beta chapter alumnus, Rudolph McGann, was also tight-lipped on the subject because of the possibility that Maverick might end up at an Ivy League institution to complete his education, thus making him ineligible to become Bloody Beta.

While it is too early to tell exactly when Maverick will be "going over", Rudolph McGann is quoted as saying that there is definitely a spot for Maverick on the 2020 Beta line, A-train.  Overall, Maverick’s interest in waiting that long cannot be determined as of yet, however.  After receiving such a healthy round of applause from teachers and students alike at his presentation it wouldn’t be surprising if he pledged early and obtained membership ahead of his time.  The director of the nursery school added that his speech was wonderful in her closing remarks and proceeded to retire his contact board for future school use.

When asked to comment on his recent success, Maverick enthusiastically answered "I win!" and then demanded that I share some of my orange with him.

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