DC Has It’s Moments

So my man Celo is a DC hipster, and he knows how to throw a good party. I went to his party for Cinco de Mayo last night and, once again, I wasn’t disappointed. He had packed MODERN in Georgetown full of the beautiful people and had DJ’s spinning the latest and greatest hip hop. Nothing beats a crowd full of the black bourgeoisie getting down for the cause of enjoyment in a true expression of freedom. Not saying that there weren’t a myriad of other races there to enjoy the event -it was held in Georgetown for crying out loud.

But even a crowd as diverse as was represented last night couldn’t stop the rhythm of creativity that had everybody vibing, dancing and feeling the pure funk that seems to be inconspicuously absent from your average run-of-the-mill establishment on any given night. I’m here to tell you friend, that this party was far from average. I’ve been a veteran and accepted made man on the New York City club rosters for about five years as well as an old time Howard Bison party staple in DC. In all my years of getting down, I got to say that the perfect party to me has to include uninhibited dancing and enough beautiful women to hold my attention no matter which way my head turns.

Maybe it was the sounds coming from Marcus Johnson’s keys along with the bass and the drum kicks through the speakers from Ghost Face Killah’s song "Push." Maybe it was the old school breakdown in the middle of the night when the soulful hip hop crew Serenghetti took over the stage and gave people something to groove to. Maybe it was that Indian(?) guy who rolled out in the middle of a circle and broke out into rubber band-like break dance interpretations. In any case I couldn’t see a set going down like this anywhere else in the world other than in rap-sympathetic, chocolate city where the "thugs" are lawyers, military officers, business people, and engineers all out looking for a genuinely good time.

DC has it’s moments of greatness in the hip hop club scene. You just have to know when and where to go and be ready to get loose in a moments notice.  By the way, all of the usual suspects were involved: Rudes, Mustafa, Jared, Chuck, Marcus H., Earl (DM ’93), Danladi, Ali Baba, and my frat brother Elmo.  Oh what fun!


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