Who Knows Relationships?

What I Know


What I know so far about life is that it is short and it flies by quickly.  I know that you have to try and take it all in as best as you can before it’s over.  Before you know it, you’ll be looking backwards and wondering where all of the time has gone.  So far I am most fond of my time in youth and still looking forward towards a better and wiser old age.  I also know that by the time you are thirty you begin to wonder what it means to be put on this earth to accomplish something worth a damn –if your lucky, and not too far late!


I know that I don’t want to waste any more moments on unfulfilled dreaming when there are goals to attain.  I know that more than anything else in the world I’m happy to say that I have had fun all along the way and laughed hard at my biggest tragedies.  I know that we all live for the times when we experience those comedic occasions that can leave us in tears, and so I try and make more of them.  I know that you can’t judge a book by its cover and people are better judged by the content of their character. 


I know that I am prone to take the measured risk and that even though my assessments may fail I should never second-guess the decisions that I had to leave –in some small fashion– to the Fates.  The more that I know though, the more that I know nothing at all and that there is still a long way to go even though I’ve traveled this far.  I know you have to live to learn and you should spend a lifetime learning in order to really consider yourself alive.  After all, what is experience if there be nothing gained in the way of knowledge and eventually wisdom?


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