Transparently I’m A Ghost

Transparently, I’m a Ghost


I only like to holler one time in a relationship.  I’m the kind of person that will only vie for the affection of a woman once, and then move on.  I only like to break up once too.  I only like to give a person one chance with my heart before I take it back forever.  I guess you can say that I don’t deal with rejections very well.


Life is too short to be running around in circles or chasing bitches down.  I have never once been accused of being a stalker by one of my ex-girlfriends.  When it is over and sometimes, while the fat lady is still singing, I’m usually long gone. 


I don’t harbor any grudges towards any of my exes but I rarely speak to them because I have trouble coming up with reasons to do so.  Being completely honest, I rarely ever see them again, and when I do, it’s just in passing.  I have a way of disappearing into the fabric of society and falling off the face of the globe.  Only my closest friends have figured out ways to contact me when this occurs.


When I don’t want to be found, there is a pretty good bet that you won’t find me.  I have no ties whatsoever that I will not sever in an instant if my freedom is jeopardized.   There are only a few regions of the world that I would not feel comfortable in, and my passport is up to date and ready for continued use. 


To make matters worse, or better –depending on how you look at it- I’m black which pretty much guarantees that I look like everybody else that is black to the usual authorities.  If I don’t tell you, then you probably wouldn’t be able to guess my ancestry correctly either.  In Nigeria they say “Yoruba” and in the Caribbean they call me “bredren.”


I have one of those unique faces that many countries would claim as the best representative of “their” people.   It is an unusual gift that I don’t spoil by opening my mouth all of the time.  What is more, there are so many places to go and so little time in which to travel to all of the destinations that delight my heart! 


So I guess you can say that if I’ve given the impression that I will be sticking to a particular location in the U.S. or otherwise, no hard feelings.  Actually I don’t have any feelings, at all.  Is there anyone else out there that is an expatriate living in the same country that he or she is expatriated from?  I’m just curious to know if globalization has opened up everyone’s mind as much as mine as to the possibility of packing up one day and never coming back?


Transparently, I’m a ghost, but am I the only one?


One Response to “Transparently I’m A Ghost”

  1. kendra Says:

    That\’s kind of sad.  Seems like you\’re lonely.  I hope this is just musings.  I would hate to live a life that way.

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