I’m Finally Legal

I’m Finally Legal


By all practical accounts California isn’t even close to the Netherlands when it comes to understanding society and drug consumption as it relates to the law.  Everything is legal in the Netherlands and not much is legal in California.  The good news for me is that I’m not concerned about everything, just marijuana.  And in California, marijuana isn’t completely legal yet but it was and still is legal enough for me to want to move here.


You see the thing is I really enjoy cannabis, I really do, but I also try to abide by the law whenever possible.  Thanks to the wise legislators of California though, there is a way where a person can use and possess marijuana here in the United States and have it be completely and totally legal.  That’s right people; I’m talking about medical marijuana.


Case in point: last week I went to a legitimate doctor (from Columbia University) who prescribed the medical use of marijuana for my post-traumatic stress.  With that prescription and letter, that doctor legitimized what I have known since I was nine years old: I feel better on marijuana. 


I was so happy that I took pictures.  I was so happy that I saved my receipt.  I kept waiting for someone to start speaking Dutch or barge in with the handcuffs.  It never happened.  I got back in my American ride and drove down an American highway with my American medical marijuana sitting in plain view in the passenger’s seat, albeit in a brown paper bag.  But the important thing to note is that I didn’t have the paranoid feelings or fear of the cops while all of this was happening because I had a legal piece of paper that said I could smoke as much dope as I could afford, basically.


Wow.  I smoke pot legally, now.  I’m obeying the laws of the land and I’m in full compliance with whatever they require.  If every state had this program then we would be well on our way to the healing of the whole entire nation! 


If I had known that this was really possible in this country I would have gone to California State University for nine years instead of Howard University for seven.  I could have possibly emancipated myself from my parents and just moved to California whenever they officially put those laws on the books.  I still can’t fully get over it.  California is awesome even if “the terminator” is the governor.


Some say that 21 years old is legal, but I say you aren’t legal until you move to California and get that prescription filled.


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