Kenny Tate Does It All!

Kenny Tate Might Be The Best Ever At DM

Step one: Cut and paste and join, if necessary to see this video:

Step two: Remember the name Kenny Tate.

Every now and then there are guys that come along that seem to be in two different worlds.  Bo Jackson.  Charlie Ward.  Now Kenny Tate.  In the heated debates of Washington Metropolitan Sports, I can tell you that the secret about Kenny Tate is out, but the controversy is far from over.  Right now there are people debating whether or not a two-sport starter of two years should be considered for the most highly coveted award that an athlete can get, again.  That’s right.  I said he won it last year as a sophomore, and he deserves it again.

Tate is the Athlete of the Year, hands down. certainly thought so last year when he was a sophomore and named him the number one football recruit in the country. If you were able to see the video then you know that he also plays basketball too. Kenny Tate might just be the best all-around athlete the Washington DC area has produced in a long time. The really scary part is that he should be placed on the ballot for next year too. (That’s right: I mean he could win it three years in a row!)  He has one more season left at DeMatha.

This kid is incredible: He intercepts. He scores touchdowns. He steals. He dunks. He tutors fellow students at DeMatha. He is a true gentleman scholar. There is no one finer than he, so stop searching. DeMatha basketball coach Mike Jones said it best when he said that he is the type that comes along every couple of generations or so. Be thankful that you are around to watch it, because here he is!

I can’t wait for his senior season even though he already gave DeMatha everything under the sun in his junior year. I don’t think that DeMatha has had a standout two-sport athlete of Kenny Tate’s caliber since Brendan McCarthy -and that was a long time ago. Sure there were guys that dabbled, but few brought home the bacon. At DeMatha bacon translates into championships, and the Stags love bacon!

Charlie Sullivan needs to put Kenny on the baseball team. The lacrosse team could use him just for the Georgetown Prep game next year if they are smart. Coach Messier doesn’t need him, but maybe we can find some weight class for him to wrestle in at the National Prep Championships? Even the Dafyd Evans and the soccer team might come calling in those pesky overtimes in order to see if Kenny can manufacture a goal in penalty kicks. Heck, I bet that Kenny Tate could play hockey! Why not? Every sport this kid plays is in the hunt for a WCAC title and national recognition. Keep in mind that we are still talking about this kid playing in the toughest conference in America and dividing his playing time with other kids that are dying to get on the court and the field. The two biggest sports in the area (basketball and football) are currently under the dominance of an unassuming sixteen-year-old. Give him the award that is rightfully his because as much as I love Austin Freeman, the basketball team didn’t go undefeated while he averaged 29.99 points a game.

Well why, were at it you might as well remember Austin Freeman too.  He’ll be at Georgetown next year.  Another outstanding DeMatha product.


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