Trifling Shout-Outs

So my mans and them hit me up today while I was driving home from work and told me that I needed to update my blog. He’s a cool motherfucker though, and he raised more money for black colleges than the United Negro College Fund, so that makes his critiques all good. Thats real talk right there. I’m reminded right away by the Ghostface Killah quote "we laptop niggas thugs on the computer." There aren’t too many people in the world like me. Paul Lawrence Dunbar penned it in "We Wear the Mask." W.E.B. DuBois also said that we exist in two worlds even in our own minds. The "double consciousness" that he spoke of Black People must be included in the definition of black.

I’m so black.

I’m so black that I’m going to write about the Fourth of July at the end of the month. Really though I’m not even going to write about it in this blog. Maybe the next blog, I’m not sure. I’m working on the pictures.

This blog is about absolutely nothing in particular. It’s just some new real talk right here. Just like the DuBois work that defined his purpose in life, "The Souls of Black Folk" my work is from the heart, online and very candid.

Right now you are in my head. I’m at my sister’s house right up the street from me and she is showing her book to Baby Dre, another bubbling stylist. Baby Dre is old school New York and she brought along her friend Tosha who is a burgeoning photographer/stylist. My sister starts off her speech with "your work is just fabulous and there really aren’t enough photographers that are women", and her students ate it up. I guess you could say that it is a straight up tutorial of sorts. My sister is heavy in the game in the styling industry. She’s down with the likes of Def Jam, Russell Simmons and select Japanese friends. That’s straight up.

You know somebody made it when their name appears in Time magazine.

Right now she’s fasting. I have no idea why, because she happens to be beautiful but she’s not eating solids. That makes no sense to me because I like to eat ribs. Especially boneless ribs in sandwiches of french bread. I may be singing a song about sandwiches for a commercial soon, but I don’t want to blow up my spot or anything. Really it’s all about the timing being right in the studio and all but DJ Harvey might kick in when he gets back from Hawaii.

Who knows? I’m so trifling. I need to be concentrating on schools more anyway. Too many rib-eye sandwiches will get you a fat gut though. That is, unless you train on little chocolate donuts like John Belushi. That is totally cool, too.

That’s what California will do to a man. It gets him thinking of Dom’s in NYC on the faux corner of Kenmare and Lafayette. There they have a rib-eye sandwich on French bread baguette with just fresh mozzarella cheese and pesto that is so amazing that you might want to go and get on a plane right now to make that happen. It’s going to be worth it because it is only six dollars.


Holler at the Bruzz and get back to me how I’m all involved on two coasts and in two cultures and espousing in two types of writing-speaking styles.

Seriously, holler at the motherfuckin’ Bruzz.

Lysa and Nina Clemente are pictured below in Little Italy, NYC for your reference. My sister is the black girl…


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