Random Selections All Together Now

Little Chocolate Donuts are the wave of the future.

Little Chocolate Donuts

When I first saw this video I knew right then and there that I had to train like a champion. "Sometimes you have to dig deep", is what I told my good friend Joel Tudor sometime before his wedding. I think that was the best advice to give considering the circumstances today. It’s not like he needed my advice anyway. He’s the number one long boarder in the world. No joke. I think that he’s won the US Open Surfing championship something sick like twelve times in a row.  (OK, maybe ten times in a row but who wants to bet against him this year in Huntington?)  To seal the deal though, he was interviewed by High Times Magazine and he was quoted as having a fondness for surfing while getting high.

Go figure.

I’m thinking that we need to re-shoot this video with Joel in it talking about the benefits of training on the good herbs. Hit me back if you have production team that would be willing to work on the cheap so that we can get some footage. Also hit me up if you want to be an extra in the very short film.

That was the pitch, in case you missed the point of this blog.


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