The Next Big Thing(s)


I’ve really been remiss about telling you all what’s been going on in my world recently but that has been by design.  I wanted to give everyone a chance to read and comment on my recent article.  Now that a month or so has passed, I wanted to hip you to the next big things in October.



Place: Abbot Kinney, Los Angeles

What it is: A Kegger. Actually Kegger Number 5, so you do the math…

What it do: We Party.

Who is it: Cooper’s Extended Los Angeles Crew and special invited guests together with the people from Smart Car.

Date: 20 OCT 2007 from whenever the kegs are tapped until the cops shut it down.

Scale of 1-10: Well with five kegs at the party, you can easily see that this is a 10.



Place: Manhattan, Broadway from 116th street down to the financial district.

What it is: The Sector 9 Broadway Bomb.   Register here.  Read about it here.

What it do: We race skateboards. (We Bomb Hills and Not Countries!)

Who is it: So far, it’s me, Joel, Daniele, Clark, and all the Sector Nine dudes like E.G.

Date: 26 OCT 2007 from early in the morning at a nightclub of our choosing to race start (1200 high noon) and to the finish line.

Scale of 1-10: If you party with us the night before and still make the bomb it’s a 10. If you fall off or get hit by a car with your drunk ass than it’s probably a 7. Look you gotta take the risk here with me on this one, no matter what you’re coming out on top for at least two clicks over break-even on the good time meter. Who’s with me? Holler at the Bruzz!


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