This Just In: Corporate America is Impermanent


You probably aren’t going to believe this but I’ve changed the face of the game again.

As you probably already know the company that I was working for when I initially moved out to California was purchased by a larger company.  That’s right, I initially left Washington DC four years ago to pursue a better life out in California and a medium-sized engineering firm sponsored my trip.

Well that medium-sized firm got all eaten up by a big bad defense contractor firm that needed something wholesome in it’s system because it was taking a bath (in blood) on some bad Iraq War II contracts.  Yeah, and the big bad defense contractor knew that as long as it had some of my good medium-sized company then it would look great on paper for a couple of quarters.  I guess the medium-sized company was so good to the big bad defense contractor that pretty soon everybody wanted to be associated with that smaller good part, and not the big bad part that it recently became known for.

The problem started when they realized that they had to get rid of all of the people in the good medium-sized company in order to fit some of the people from the big bad defense contracting company.  The big bad defense contracting company waited until I finished all of my projects and they rewarded me by promising me a promotion for all of my hard work after the "reorganization."  Little did I know, until December 14, 2007 that the big bad defense contracting company really had plans to reorganize my position altogether.  You see with my military background and all their defense work, they thought that it was a good time for me to get out of the business of building schools.

Now everybody that really knows me, knows that I’m not about to get out of the business of building schools.  That just sounds crazy.  The thing about it was that I didn’t really have a job if I were to just up and leave them.  Also, I moved to California just for the purpose of building schools so it would kind of defeat the purpose to be holding it down out West and not totally living the dream.  Let’s be clear: building schools is living the dream for me.  It took me a while to figure it out, and by that I mean I stumbled into it and by divine intervention it wasn’t a total accident.  So when the rug was pulled out from underneath me I did what Momma told me.  I played the game.

I didn’t see that promotion at all.  As a matter of fact I was told that I was getting laid-off by way of Reduction in Force (RIF) less than two weeks before Christmas which meant I wouldn’t even receive a bonus.  The email that I read the disheartening news in didn’t even have the correct name at the bottom, but I still knew it was me because of my employee number on the top.  The big bad defense contractor was so big and so bad that they didn’t even care about my name.  They must have forgotten that I’m The Bruzz because I promptly got my resume out there and proceeded to enjoy the best that California had to offer. 

The surf was epic for the two weeks before Christmas and I suppose that The Good Lord saw fit that I would have a chance to see fair California off.  Close to Christmas I headed home to DC to kick it with Momma and on January 3rd, just after New Years (still no Christmas bonus), I got the news that the big bad defense contractor transferred me to defense contracting work.  This was quietly the call that I had been waiting for because instead of having the RIF label on my head I was still a bona fide desirable employee.  (Always keep your nose clean and always keep an ace up your sleeve, black man.)  I gladly accepted the position because while I thoroughly enjoyed my time off, I could still use some money in my pocket.  Pop-pop said to always keep a job, anyway.

Within the week I headed to back to California and then on to Jacksonville, Florida.  I can’t tell you on The Chronicles of Six what I was doing down there, but I was looking for suitable employment the whole time.  The Lord works in mysterious ways and I got the offer of a lifetime doing exactly what I wanted to do in a completely different city.  The power of prayer coupled with my personal and Coast Guard mantra of Semper Paratus (Always Ready) let me realize the blessing of continuing to live the dream.  I think that He might have even been testing me to see if I just wanted to blow copious dank and surf for the rest of my life and not build schools, but hey, He probably had His reasons.

Momma is usually right.  God is good.  Corporate America is impermanent.  Holler at the Bruzz. 


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