Lysa Cooper Super Stylist to the Stars


So my sister is the bomb, part LXVI.

I know I’ve said this many times before, but she’s the best stylist in the world right now.  Quietly, I think that its time to put her in the All Time category.

You name the artist and I’m betting that there is a 50/50 shot that she was the stylist when that artist became hot.  Def Jam, no problem.  Actresses and Actors, still a breeze.  Why Must It Be A Secret?TM : Lysa Cooper is the All Time Greatest Stylist to ever shop on two coasts.

These days it’s all about Rihanna though.  Lysa is busy following Rihanna all over the world and making her look hot while garnering free publicity for her album sales.  Once again, Lysa’s plan is working people!  Have I mentioned that my sister is the hottest stylist in the game right now, probably all-time?  I’m dead serious, though.


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