The Next Big Thing(s) Part II

Now I know that you probably aren’t understanding the words that are being written down on the screen in front of you but if you haven’t taken anything that I have written to heart, I offer this missive: you need to understand that the forty-first anniversary of the Summer of Love is in reality the fortieth anniversary of The Summer That Changed Everything (1968 for you non-math heads.) 

What this essentially means is that the changes that are taking place right now, as we speak, are going to resonate for years to come.  Of course some of this change will be bad, like when King was assassinated (April 4, 1968 -and yes, niggas is still mad about that shit.  But for the life of me I can’t understand why niggas burned down their own neighborhoods in rebellion.  U Street recently recovered only re-gentrified, but I digress.)  But some of the change can actually be good, like when "Hair" opened up at the Biltmore Theatre.  Okay I know this is another digression that should be in parenthesis but a little-known "Hair" fact is that most of the movie was filmed in Glen Cove, New York.  I think that pretty much explains my hippie roots.

Of course the elephant in the room in 1968 was the Vietnam War.  That sucked pretty hard, but Iraq sucks pretty hard right now too even if the soldiers aren’t dying on the same scale.  Look, war generally sucks a fat one, in general.  (Kids, don’t join!  Let some other sap die for his country.  You live for yours!)  According to my Uncle Juicy (USMC), the same year that we were getting our asses handed to us by men in black pajamas the Rolling Stones released "Jumpin’ Jack Flash."  Okay, so maybe there aren’t a lot of good things that happened in 1968.  Its hard to balance the hubris of a nation against one kick-ass song that would later lend its name to a kick-ass weed that won the Cannabis Cup thirty-five years later.

Talk about conspiracy theories.  Anyway, you aren’t reading this to get my history lesson or tips for stellar strains of sweet, sticky, indica are you?  You’re here to read about the two next big things.

Washington DC Bourgeoisie Black Folks Spring Extravaganza

There is just too much Bourgeoisie Black folk stuff happening this weekend in Washington DC going on the weekend of 09 MAY.  Really, there are several factors coming together that bring it all home for the still decidedly Chocolate City.  (The former mayor that was caught smoking crack is actually still a representative in the DC Council.)  The first factor is Howard University graduation, arguably the most beautiful event for The Talented Tenth in the country.  Well to do Black families from all over the country will be gathering on the main Yard of The Hilltop, also known as The Mecca to celebrate their loved ones’ achievement on Saturday, May 10.

What this essentially means is that there will be some serious motherfucking partying going on all weekend long.  Quietly, the party started yesterday because the seniors have this week off and they are getting their last minute drink on before the parents arrive.  Think stress relief meets party cramming before you enter into a world of uncertainty.  Oh those were the days!  I remember my graduation and how I literally partied for four days straight on no sleep.  Seriously I had a squeeze bottle full of vodka and orange juice during the conferring of degrees.  Okay but how come I was high at the Biology ceremony and was literally in shock when they told me that I had actually passed the senior comprehensive exam (only took it once!) and had more than enough credits for the dual degree.  But how come I was so stoned that I didn’t go back on the stage to collect my Chemistry degree.  (I had to be nudged.)

The second factor in making this weekend a Black Bourgeoisie Spring Extravaganza is the fact that it is Mother’s Day and my mother’s birthday.  Seriously nothing says Bourgeoisie Black folk more than Black folk loving the hell out of they mammas.   And I meant to write "they mammas," for all of you stuck up, grammatically correct, non-mom-lovers out there.  But before I take my mom to the new Washington Nationals stadium on Sunday May 11th, I’m probably going to help another friend celebrate her 30th birthday by attending her surprise birthday party.  Danladi, being the sly husband that he is, has set up a surprise birthday party for his wife Janet and forty friends are taking a cruise up and down the Potomac while getting completely wasted on May 9th.  Anyway you slice this weekend, it is destined to be full of the beautiful Black people that make this town tick.

If you’re around DC and want to see the beautiful Black people do their thing, this is the weekend that I can guarantee it.  On a scale from 1 to 10 on the fun-O-meter, I would give it a 9 if you hit all the events that I mentioned.  I would give it a 11.5 if you happen to be "young, gifted, and Black" like another Howard University graduate, Donny Hathaway, would say and you also hit all the events that are out there this weekend just for you…

Venice Beach, Los Angeles Memorial Day Weekend Keg Party Summer Jump Off

I hope that you are paying attention kids.  You need to get your ticket to Los Angeles for Memorial Day weekend today.  Don’t wait until tomorrow, stupid.  Do it today.  Go online right now and reserve your ticket to the jump-off party of the fortieth anniversary of The Summer That Changed Everything.

There will be kegs, people.  Lots of kegs.  Talk to me about keg sponsorship after you have purchased your ticket to Los Angeles.  Focus on the dates May 22 through the 27th.  If you are already living in L.A. then you need to take all of this time off to accommodate some serious partying.  I’m so sincere.  I’ll put it to you like this: Friday the 23rd I will be surfing at Breakwater early in the morning until the afternoon.  I will only be stopping for blunts and Mexican food.  Don’t be all in my mustard though because you would never think that you might be too slow to catch up, if you dig what I’m saying here.  Of course there is going to be some serious Rikoko Lounge on that joint later on in the evening time.

Saturday May 24th is the same thing for me.  Lots of surfing until I burn out, and then I’ll burn out until it’s time to fucking party.  I have no clue as to when the actual keg party is going to manifest itself and I’ll tell you right now that it doesn’t make a bit of difference.  I’ll definitely be there holding it down with a blunt in my mouth and full cup in my hand.  Sunday, May 25th, you can bet that I’ll be surfing again bitches.  Only this time I might be at El Porto or fucking San Diego for the day, who knows?  Monday…  You want to know what I’m going to be doing on Monday?  Well that’s none of your business, bro.  Chances are, I’ll be partying and getting wasted though.  After all, this is the fortieth anniversary of The Summer That Changed Everything.

I didn’t mean to curse so heavily in this post but I had to get my point across.  If you are seriously considering dedicating your Summer to partying then this is the only suitable way to do it.  I promise you this Summer that we (The Brotherhood, also known as The Bruzz) will be holding it down in Los Angeles two more times, Atlanta in August, and the Dominican Republic in August.  If you are seriously down for the cause you need to jump on this curve while you can still track it.  I hate to go back to the pimp talk on you, but you have got to feel me on this joint.  The Bruzz are going hard this summer.  Get your party on with The Bruzz.  I don’t know how else I can tell you.  You better ask somebody.


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