Tanoya Barnes is Syrupy Sweet and Super Bad

Seriously, when can we get more videos and photos of Tanoya Barnes? Damn that woman is so fine! I heard that she’s an honor roll student from Texas Southern University which sort of explains everything. They better never let me start teaching at a school that has women as fine as Tanoya is just walking around. Hell, I better never see one of those just out and unprotected, period. I might could lose my mind. Or, I’ll be done lost my mind, to correct the Black ghetto vernacular and replace it with the rural, Black, southern vernacular.

Anyway you slice it, chop it or screw it, old girl is super bad. (See newest version of the video below.)  So the original video is a year or two old… So what? What does that have to do with anything? Ten years from now Tanoya could knock on my door and I’d follow her right then and there without even telling my wife and kids. I’ll bet that she’d still be that fine ten years down the road. And I know that I’m not married yet, and I don’t have any kids but my imaginary wife would have to understand. Hell the kids would probably understand, too. If any of them really knew me, they would have to comprehend that they are one yellow hammer away from total abandonment.

“Girl You Know” by Scarface and Tre Songs has been Chopped & Screwed by RenoEdits!

Straight up, I would have snuck a real preacher in to shoot the vows scene and I would have shown up in a tuxedo and made it happen.I knew two things going into watching the Scarface Video “Girl You Know” featuring Trey Songs: 1. Scarface and I have a thing for those yellow hammers. 2. Why must it be a secret? The song is so dope that someone that looked like Tanoya deserved to be in it. If I were Scarface, the only thing that I would have changed is the lyrics so I could accommodate a happier ending for Tanoya. Well there’s that and I would have probably tried to marry her after the video shoot for real.

That is all.


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