Tumultuous Market Claims Undefeated Stags

First it was Bear Stearns then Merrill Lynch. Then it was Lehman Brothers, and then the DeMatha Stags Football Corporation (DMS). The DeMatha Stags lost in football to the Gilman Greyhounds this past Friday, and I’m just now well enough to write about it. September 12, 2008 was the DeMatha Stags’ version of Black Friday after they fell 21-14.

Stock in the DMS Corporation was previously valued at undefeated but fell sharply to 1-1 when the Gilman Group Incorporated ran a successful partial take-over to become the preeminent football team in the state of Maryland. The Gilman Group effectively went long on their diversified running game and made DMS pay dearly for precious clock time on offense. Fortunately for DMS, Marcus Coker wouldn’t let the Stags go completely bankrupt and he rushed for two scores. Unfortunately, the DMS Corporation defense came up a little bit short under the scrutiny and exposure they received from Gilman Group Inc. in the form of two swift-footed quarterbacks.

Gilman Group Inc. President Emela was ruthless and shrewdly gobbled yardage on the ground despite taking snaps from the shotgun set. The Vice President Jennings fared equally as well, putting up the final game winning touchdown that would be just enough in the bear market conditions created by their domination on one side of the ball. Try as DMS might, they could not secure the bail-out from their subsidiaries, Chroniger & McPherson, in the waning seconds of the game. The star quarterback-receiver combination didn’t combine for a score in game that had many wondering if DMS was worth their blue chip stock rating. Amidst a WCAC market creditability crunch, some are looking towards the bullish Good Counsel Falcons (3-0) to raise the overall bond rating of a region fighting for national recognition.

DMS Corporation CEO, Bill McGregor (pictured left) couldn’t be reached for comment. It will suffice to say that we will eventually see who will carry the mantle for the WCAC starting when DeMatha meets Good Counsel on ESPN2 on October 2.

In other news around the WCAC market, McNamara’s (2-0) stock continues to hold despite poorly forecasted earnings. The Mustangs beat Bishop Ireton 28-17 and are proving that the sound leadership provided by CEO Bevil is enough, so far.

St. Johns College (2-1) rebounded successfully against Surratsville 41-6 ending speculation that they could slide further before the WCAC season officially begins.

Paul VI (1-2) and Carroll (1-2) both notched their first wins of the season versus Saint Mary’s Ryken (1-2) and Sparrow’s Point respectively, however none of the junk bonds are expected to have high returns at the closing bell.

The surprise of the WCAC is turning out to be fast-moving Bishop O’Connell (2-0), who managed to hand a loss Saint Albans over the weekend. If this team can continue to perform beyond expectations then it will have an impact on the entire WCAC.

Unfortunately for the Gonzaga Purple Eagles (0-3), they could be one of the teams that the O’Connell Knights will look to punish if they can’t get back on track. The stalwarts and founding members of the WCAC exchange are in negotiations to file for Chapter 11 and have tried everything including board-run operations with Athletic Director Reyda as acting head football coach and CEO.

One of the foundations of the WCAC exchange has been the outstanding business models ventured forth by the football components of their operations. Aside from Gonzaga, most WCAC CEO’s have been able to keep affairs separate from board approval, or getting bogged down in the administrative bureaucracy of competing ventures. The DeMatha Family (DMF), the parent corporation owned by the ancient and secretive Trinitarians, has been at the forefront of creating enough space to allow for autonomy of their DMS CEO to reap the benefits of the capitalist WCAC system.  Trinitarians reap the rewards from both entities.

The DMF organization is primarily responsible for turning out thousands of well-rounded, productive and socially conscious men. While high profile earnings from the football and basketball subsidiaries have garnered the most recognition for their companies, the overall health of is measured in the everyday successes of the more pedestrian bottom line. One must consider that even the five years of WCAC exchange dominance is just a short clip upward on a much greater incline. DMS Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ed King, also couldn’t be reached for comment but it is apparent that all is not lost for the DMS Corp futures, with the publishing of this recent press release:

Kenny Tate Wowing Friedgen

Freshman Kenny Tate’s stock continues to rise, and Tate should see more action this Saturday. Not only will Tate see action in the secondary on every third series to spell Jeff Allen, but Tate will play an important role on the punt return team. When EMU lines up for its rugby punt, Kenny will line up short and attempt to intercept the ball before it starts bouncing 30 yards down the field. Coach Ralph Friedgen said Tate is very good at receiving the ball, but he just has a comfort zone with Oquendo right now.

But Tate has really caught Friedgen’s eye with his play at safety. “He is really a phenomenal athlete and he really has tremendous hands. He made some plays the other day that were like, ‘Whoa,’ going up and catching the ball with one hand. He is a pretty good man-cover guy for a guy who is 6-3, 220 pounds. He plays on the slots, and Coach Franklin can’t find the slots because he covers them up so well. He is going to play more and more each week. He played two series last game. I think he is going to be really good, whether he goes back to wide receiver or stays at safety.

“Jeff [Allen] is playing well, but against MTSU Jeff played 75 plays. Secondary Coach [Kevin] Lempa is getting more and more confident with Kenny. He played very well in the Cal game. Coach Chris Cosh says he has to go in every third series, no matter what the situation is, and we will live with it. Kenny is one of the sharpest guys at making the calls, making the checks, which is not typical of a freshman in the secondary.”

Dandini’s 2008 WCAC Week 3 Power Rankings

1. Good Counsel (2-0)
2. Bishop McNamara (2-0)
3. Bishop O’Connell (2-0)
4. Saint Johns College (2-1)
5. DeMatha (1-1)
6. Paul VI (1-2)
7. Archbishop Carroll (1-2)
8. Gonzaga (0-3)


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