Oh Yeah And…

The Stags won in football last week. I went to the game with Maverick and Maven. We had an awesome time together but the Stags really weren’t all that impressive, I must say. The Stags wound up beating Friendship Collegiate 22-8, but there just seemed to be something lacking in the way the Stags played on offense. I mean running back Marcus Coker wasn’t 100% because he suffered a concussion against Gilman, and I don’t know if it’s Chroniger or McPherson: something isn’t clicking in the passing game.

Well Maverick (7 years old) seemed to enjoy watching football and we shared plenty of high fives. While Maverick continues to impress me with his knowledge of the game by knowing the general meanings of obscure penalties like illegal motion and false start, his sister Maven (4) was concerned about noise. A few hugs and half time cheers later though, Maven stopped pouting and was once again down with the boys.  Generally speaking they are both well-behaved and good companions for high school football. I just wish that the Stags had put on a better show for them. Let’s face it, twenty-two points isn’t really a WOW effort and the Stags might want to invest in some cheerleaders as good as Maven if they want to dazzle us with pizzazz this year.

I guess the WCAC season is really about to start with inter-conference play beginning this Friday, September 26th.  I could just be suffering from a slight football brain drain.

The last out of conference games for the year were a mixed bag of results. Bishop O’Connell waxed Ryken righteously, and rightfully so. Paul VI acted like they had a pair and balled on Bishop Ireton. McNamara proved that they still have work to do by losing to Landon of the IAC.  Good Counsel proved that they mean business this year when they handed it to St. Peters Prep of New Jersey. Carroll, Saint Johns and Gonzaga had byes this week.  Going into the first week before we start to decide who will take the WCAC Championship it appears as if Good Counsel is invincible and that schools that were previously counted out (Bishop O’Connell) want a say.

Anyway, I don’t have any picture or witty retorts. I’m sort of befuddled. I’m going to meditate on Dan McMahon, Ph.D and Charles “Buck” Offutt, Ph.D. I suggest you all do the same because those two guys (pictured above) are holding down Stags like you wouldn’t believe. I mean, we all know that it’s popping-off over there at DeMatha, but sometimes we just need a reality check.  If the Stags can successfully power down against Archbishop Carroll in a quest for their first home win this season then it could do wonders for collective self-esteem going into the ESPN2 (Highlight of the Season) match-up against Good Counsel in the short week ahead.  Go Stags!

Dandini’s 2008 WCAC Week 4 (Final Pre-Season) Power Rankings

1. Good Counsel (3-0)
2. Bishop O’Connell (3-0)
3. DeMatha (2-1)
4. Saint Johns College (2-1)
5. Bishop McNamara (2-1)
6. Paul VI (2-2)
7. Archbishop Carroll (1-2)
8. Gonzaga (0-3)


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