Falcons Are Two Much for Tommy

Congratulations to Good Counsel on an amazing game, and a sold win. The game was never in any doubt. It was still exciting to watch because Caleb Porzel put on a dazzling display of athleticism and Jelani Jenkins‘ play-making ability is absolutely pure.  The dynamic duo was too much for Tommy Chroniger.

I don’t think that the Stags had an answer for that. DeMatha will have their work cut out for them if they want to salvage this season. This was evident by the fact that Good Counsel doubled-up the Stags, 42-21, on national television.  A record of 3-2 overall and 1-1 in the WCAC isn’t a good look for the Stags.  In reality, there is now going to be a dog fight for second and third place in the league because there is a new favorite in town.

The Falcons are giving me the same feeling that I got from Gonzaga basketball last year, only the Stags might not get a second chance to knock-off the undefeated team.  It hurts to say it, but DeMatha is probably going to need some help from an unlikely source or two in the WCAC.  It is extremely unlikely, but the Stags need someone good enough to surprise Good Counsel and yet still able to get lost in the DeMatha mystique.

DeMatha @ O’Connell suddenly became important.


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