I Was Wrong About President Elect Barack Hussein Obama

Who said that I could never admit what I was wrong?  Mark your calendars people because I realize today that I have grossly underestimated white people in America.  I am a son of Norman Cooper, after all, and he taught me to expect the worst from white folks.  I’m also the great grandson of Theodore Giles and he wouldn’t have believed a black president was possible, either.  Hell, even moments after the election I had to rub my eyes before heralding the brand new day.  Thank God for newspapers!

Of Course none of this is an excuse for saying that Barack wasn’t black enough, or calling him the "milquetoast candidate."  You’ve got to hand it to me, though: when I’m wrong, I’m usually wrong on all fronts and this was no exception.  Barack was clearly influenced just enough by his father (pictured below) and ultimately the black community.  Barack is clearly a cool dude, too, as he grew up body surfing in Hawaii.  He definitely deserves all the props, and I wish the brother well.  No matter race, political affiliation, or sex, if you call yourself an American then Barack Obama is the President for us all!


America certainly came up with his election on November 4, 2008.  For once, we’re ahead of the curve on world race relations.  Would France or England have the courage to have a Negro on the set?  Wow!

Long live Barack Obama, and I hope that he holds it down for a long time to come!


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