It’s Time to Play Guess That Stylist: Retro Edition -Thanks Dante Ross

I’m laughing so hard inside, that I can barely take it anymore.  I have to share this with the world.

Dante, please forgive me for lifting it.  Lysa and Belinda…  wow.  Retro-fabulous!

So the story goes that my man Dante hooked up the this appearance for Old Dirty Bastard and at the last minute they needed some extras…  Why not?

Straight from Dante’s Blog: Today’s the 4th anniversary of Dirty’s passing. Cat was a trip, I actually hooked this up my friend was a booker on the short lived Jon Stewart show and was a ODB fan. I got my 3 awesome friends the infamous uber stylist Lysa Cooper , her side kick DJ Belinda Becker and my friends ex wife Tequana and they put together a little Supremes like back up dance routine and off to the races we went. This was a fun ass day and Jon Stewart was super cool he smoked a little weed with me and the girls after the show and told us how much he loved ODB. He was cool as fuck and this was a great great day Dirty had his kids running around, my publicist at the label was super psyched and I knew Dirty was gonna blow….Thanks Lysa I don’t know if I ever have for putting those outfits and routines together and of course Dirty wherever your soul may lie much much love!


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