WCAC Football Championship Hype: Crabcakes & Football Part Two

The DeMatha Stags are in the WCAC football championship game for the eighth consecutive year in a row –a record.  The DeMatha Stags have won the championship the last five years in a row, and will go for another record of six consecutive championship wins. The only thing standing in the way of DeMatha is the undefeated, highly ranked Good Counsel Falcons that previously beat the Stags 42-21 on national television (ESPN2) on October 2nd.

Did I mention that the Good Counsel Falcons are hopping mad at the fact that they lost the championship game to DeMatha the last five years in a row? Did I mention that Good Counsel has never won a WCAC football championship in their sorry school’s existence?  I must admit, that none of these facts bodes well for the defending champion DeMatha Stags even if you consider that they love to defy expectations. The odds on the Stags have never been longer, and DeMatha lacks the star power it had just last season. Kenny Tate and Nick Rivers are kicking ass in college and otherwise long gone.   Although Tom Chroniger remains under center from last year’s squad and was unanimously voted the best quarterback in the WCAC by the coaches, he has endured criticism for using his legs when having a tough time throwing the ball to receivers.

Instead of relying on just one or two players, this year DeMatha has concentrated on team ball. More Stags had to come into their own this year and regular student athletes took the place of blue chippers and exceeded expectations.  A solid defense led by Jeremiah Mathis and Patrick Goulden has kept the Stags in most games, and has been complimented by the likes of Marcus Coker with a smashing rushing attack. None of the DeMatha players has a name that rings bells with recruiters like Good Counsel’s best players Jelani Jenkins or Caleb Porzel, yet, but the mere fact that they are getting a second chance to make names for themselves speaks volumes about their perseverance. 

Everybody knows that Jenkins and Porzel can put up big numbers.  Both of those guys score more ways than one –and mostly in the same game.  It is going to take an extraordinary team effort to match that dynamic duo.  Jelani is the biggest challenge because he’s obviously bent on staying on the field and racking up numbers in touchdowns and take-aways.  He’s everybody’s All American and such a good kid, and as you can tell from his interview linked above, he is very hard to root against.  With that being said, his strength might be his weakness if the Stags can somehow wear him down.  (Maybe scoring all those points both ways has taken a toll?)  It has been a long season, even if the Jelani and the Falcons haven’t had much competition, Stags included

Caleb is going to gas you in the open field and dazzle you on special teams.  If the Stags can hit him before he gets going, maybe they can knock him out of being a factor.  We couldn’t exactly stop the run against Gilman or Good Counsel in the beginning of the season.  We lost those games and learned.  Deno’s defense* was eventually able to prove that they are able to stop one guy if they key on him (Idreis Augustus?), but the question is still out there whether or not the Stags can stop two.  And the Falcons still have ways to beat you even if you somehow miraculously manage to hold down their stars. 

This game is charged with suspense of epic proportions. What is really at stake here? Let’s start with the coveted WCAC championship in football. Back in the day, almost the entire league was comprised of all-male institutions, but these days the schools that turned coed have something extra to prove. Good Counsel turned coed in the early nineties and the Stags have been making them their bitches ever since. Well they made them their bitches before that, too, but the fact remains that DeMatha is the last bastion of all-boys catholic school in Prince George’s County, Maryland and the Falcons are notorious Montgomery County haters.

Speaking of Maryland, another thing at stake is the mythical Maryland football championship. Because Good Counsel is undefeated and all of the public schools usually cancel themselves out, the winner of the WCAC could make a claim as the best in Maryland. DeMatha already has two losses and probably would not be considered as the best in the state even with a win over Good Counsel, but it would be nice to play spoiler for a change. The Good Counsel Falcons have been atop the Washington Post rankings going on nine weeks now, and as of today, DeMatha isn’t even in the top ten in the metropolitan area.

Perfect seasons are hard to come by, and even DeMatha has only done it three times. Leading from virtually wire to wire in the Washington Post’s poll is also a difficult feat and DeMatha has only done it once. Didn’t the Giants beat the Patriots last year in the Super Bowl? Didn’t Ray J bang this chick out like no tomorrow, on film, before Reggie Bush started claiming it?  Don’t look now, but the Deno and the DeMatha Stags’ defense shut out Saint Johns 20-0 in the semifinals and the Stags could use a little redemption. Good Counsel is still chugging along after their 45-6 win over McNamara, all unsuspecting like, and riper than a catholic school girl during her first week away at college…

Straight from Tom Ponton, DeMatha Director of Development:

1.  The varsity football team plays this SATURDAY (Nov. 22) at 7pm versus Good Counsel at the Navy Stadium in Annapolis for the WCAC Title.  DeMatha is the visiting team on the GOLD side.
2.  The game will be televised live on (Comcast Cable) channel CN 8.  However, do not watch from home — we need you there to support the Stags!  The game will also be web cast.
3.  Check our newly designed web site (http://www.dematha.org) or go to http://clix.to/ussportsnetworklive

I’m thinking history is on our side here and that the Stags could win this thing 6-0 in the greatest upset that DeMatha football has ever had.  (Saint Johns?)  I said it before, but quietly, it would draw comparisons to Power Memorial if the Stags were to win next Saturday.


Go Stags!

Make history.


*Deno Campbell has been Head Coach Bill McGregor’s defense coordinator going on two decades.


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