Never Sweat the Small Stuff

Los Angeles Love

Once again Los Angeles was lovely. When I lived there I would literally say to myself every so often “I should have moved here ten years ago.” Now that I’ve moved back to the east coast, I’m left wondering why I ever left.

The weather was raining when I first arrived so the surfing situation was risky. Nobody wants to paddle out if they think that there is a good chance that they will contract hepatitis. I went out surfing anyway, because it had just been that long since I had been in the water. Thanksgiving morning, Damien and I hit Breakwater for a special treat: clean water and rolling sets.

I had my best surfing day, by far, that Friday although the water quality was horrible. Swimming in trash soup is the only thing that I can think of to describe it. Why does it always rain within a few days of my arrival to Los Angeles?  The waves weren’t as good on Friday, but how I was catching them made me believe for a fraction of a second that I could be a professional. Reality set in with the soreness in my shoulders during hour two of a session that couldn’t last much longer.

I missed going out to Trestles with Damien the next day, but I still had my share of fun in the City of Angles.  I didn’t go out at all at night this time, so if you thought that you would catch me at someone’s party you are mistaken. Family time ruled, and hanging with my new niece Violet Jane was premium. I also had a chance to have some extended play sessions with Lily Frances, my other niece, who is heavily involved in the make-believe scene.

Lily Frances picks out her own clothes and enjoys dancing around in circles in front of the mirror. (Can you say COOPER?)  Other than talking, her favorite activity seems to be playing chase games. Mainly, Lily likes it when you chase her around the house. After three hours or so, I needed a nap. She has a lot of energy and I could barely keep up with her.

Los Angeles is so officially boss.

New York City, Have Mercy

New York is so officially awesome, as well though.

This Friday I’m headed to New York City to see The Big Apple Classic. My alma mater, Howard University, plays Hampton at Madison Square Garden. Because there are no black colleges in the state of New York, this basketball game is sort of a big deal. Because Howard University sucks so hard at sports, I fully expect them to lose, but I’m going anyway because, as the saying goes, “there ain’t no party like an HU party!”

My itinerary is going to be jammed. In addition to all of the Big Apple Classic stuff, I plan on getting a haircut at Franks Chop Shop. Also Saturday night, my good friend Nick Cohen is opening a new bar called The Houndstooth Pub. I’m guessing that there will be Guinness on tap, so I might go break it in since I’ll already be in the neighborhood.  I’m hoping that I can find 8 other friends to have dinner with me after the game.  Hit me up if you’re seriously about it.

I can’t wait to bust out the velvet Sean John. Black Bourgeoisie affairs aren’t usually my thing < cough > but I’m going to make this happen on the strength of New York City and the Bison Round-up crew. My man from Howard University and Masonic brother, Bryndon Moore, started this thing so I’m about to represent.

The Purple Room will be in full effect starting at 10 PM EST on Friday, December 5.  Catch me if you can.

I’m Just Happy to be Here

In other related make-DICooper-feel-good news, the New York Football Giants are in first place in the NFL. The DeMatha Stags won the WCAC football crown and the basketball team is ranked number 13 in the country. It’s still early in the month, but I’ve already surfed in November and December 2008! Life isn’t half bad sometimes, even though I know that it couldn’t possibly last. I tend not to worry too much about life though, because you’ll never get out alive.

It would be really nice to be able to start a family one day and pass along all this joy. My momma is going to be 70-years-old next year and I’d love for her to have all the smiles on her face that she can possibly have. All I need is a wife, and it’s going down. That’s my word. Until then, I’m just happy to be here.


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