2 Sort of Related Shorts

Maturity of Perspective

We’re getting down to the crunch time of 2008 and everything seems to be whizzing by like a blur. This time last year I was tripping because I was just laid off by Parsons so close to Christmas and I got cheated out of my bonus. (Then the bastards hired me right back after the holidays when the damage was done.) Of course, it wasn’t just the bonus: it was also the fact that beach side apartments don’t come cheap in California and a grownass-man needs his space. Things were looking rather dismal last December.

They were so dismal that I came home to DC for the holidays last year. I was frantically looking for a job and thinking that my days in California were numbered. I was actually thinking that my entire way of life was endangered this time last year. I know that Thanksgiving is already past but I have had a lot to be thankful for and in the season of giving, I’m dropping pearls of wisdom. Seriously, I just got the address to my less fortunate friend that happens to be serving time in a federal prison and I’m committing to writing him regularly to reinforce that the saving grace is God’s to bestow.

That information is free to all of you, although I had a few more things to say to my incarcerated friend. I pray that he keeps his head up in there because there are so many things that can get you down. When everything seems against you, sometimes God will show you some things. Mind you, God doesn’t often show us everything, but I do believe that he reveals to us when we are able to elevate our understanding to include the form of the good. For me, changing locales for Christmas last year was the only way to grasp the things that were good or right with my life. Once I could focus on those again, in a paused atmosphere, I began to have a clearer understanding of how to enhance them.

Immaturity of Perspective

This past Sunday I had the privilege of attending Maverick’s 8th birthday party at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley in Washington DC’s Chinatown. Rudy & Natalie continue their bid as the best parents ever and spoiled their only son and daughter with two parties even though their birthdays are less than two weeks apart. (Maven had a yoga birthday party the week before.) About ten kids showed up to Maverick’s party and as I was contemplating that it probably costs a fortune, the thought dawned on me that I could at least bring a present or two. I settled on video games for the new Nintendo Wii system and I am sure that they will be well pleased.

When I was around 10 years old, I believe that I caught the bug of video gaming and the addiction provided in the way of hours of entertainment and it kept me out of trouble. Hardball was my game back then, and the game only had two teams: The All Stars and The Champs. I’m pretty sure that my Dad even got me sled that year, too. Man, I was balling out of control back then and nobody could tell me anything about having things. Momma’s baby boy didn’t really want for anything because growing up in Long Island, I was sheltered from the materialism that gripped my cousins closer to bourgeoning metropolises. Anyway, I hope that Maverick enjoys the Shaun White snowboarding game and that he gets in enough practice to make the leap to a real board of some kind. I also hope Maven gets sick and tired of the We Cheer cheerleading game and moves on to something more befitting her upwardly mobile stock.

As far as my bowling was concerned I was a winner. I beat all ten of the kids that Maverick invited despite the fact that they were obviously cheating and using the bumpers that prevented gutter balls.  Some even shamelessly wandered over the line! One toddler even tried to bowl one of my balls but he rolled it so slow that I was able to chase it down the alley before the score recording sensor could be triggered. I knocked that kid down for good measure, but don’t worry, he didn’t cry. I really hate to lose, but bragging is something that I love to do. Would you believe that my average ball speed was hovering around 20 miles per hour? Most of those kids weren’t even bowling the balls a fraction of my speed! In three games I recorded two strikes and averaged a score of 80.

If I could join a kids’ bowling league, say ten and under,  there would be no end to my dominance. 


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