Christmas in the California Sunshine

It was all about family during the holidays.  As you already know, I went to Los Angeles again to kick it with my nieces and this time I brought my mother along.  Here she is trying to keep up with her granddaughter, Lily Frances as she played and frolicked on Christmas morning amongst all of her toys.


Surprisingly, everything actually went smoothly.  There were no drunken Christmas arguments whatsoever.  Lily Frances got way too many presents, but her favorite was the ballet outfit that she was wearing.  Violet Jane, the baby, started smiling for the first time but she was sleeping when all of the presents were being unwrapped.  My mother kept boasting that her grandchildren looked like her.  I suppose that we’re the typical American family.


The highlight for me was all of us being together.  Lysa finally made it to an actual family function, can you believe it?  It hasn’t happened like this in at least 25 years!  My immediate family is scattered on two coasts and it’s rare that we are all in the same place at the same time.  It is times like these that I am truly thankful for.  God has been very good the Coopers, and while this is Christmas and not Thanksgiving, it is good to have an understanding of how these things can come to pass.


I guess Christmas means different things to different people, but for me now, it’s all about family.  I’ve prayed a lot to God so that he can help my family heal and now we can all clearly see that prayer works.  All of our problems aren’t gone but we’re working through them like family is supposed to.  Momma gave the blessing for the food, which is something that she rarely does, so it was truly a memorable moment.

Well, anyway, it was just us Coopers so there was no one around to play photographer so that we could all get in the shot.  We ate a lot of food and started couching it.  I stood in for Dad.  RIP, Pop.  I’m sure you were watching the whole thing and how it went down.


2 Responses to “Christmas in the California Sunshine”

  1. Says:

    I still don\’t believe that your brother is………lollovely family 😉

  2. DanKnuckles Says:

    Probably because you don\’t have a firm understanding of Mendelian genetics. Gregor Mendel\’s second law of Inheritance is the the law of independant assortment. In short, it means that it is totally possible to see a recessive gene after the dominant, but wholly impossible to find the dominant gene in the recessive. In this case, light skin is recessive to dark skin, meaning that Black is a dominant gene. My brother having the recessive trait is clearly married to someone else with the recessive trait, my sister in law thus all of his children will have fair skin. I love dispelling ignorance, though. Gregor Mendel figured this out in the 1860\’s and it\’s been bothering some folks ever since. I guess if you have to think about the fact that light skin comes from dark, and not vice versa, it could be bit of a problem if you are a racist.

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