Happy New Year

I forgot to tell all of you Happy New Year in 2009 because I’ve been extremely busy.  I rang in the New Year in San Diego with my good buddy Joel and his family.  Joel handed over his son Tosh to Grandma Denise for the evening and Joel and Maya threw an after party from 0100 to 0700 on January 1.  Our other Italian friend, Daniele, was also on hand and we had a hell of a time.

Somehow we managed to surf the next day like it was all good, at Swami’s.  I cut my hand on a rock but I also surfed the best that I ever surfed in my life that day.  I was looking like a serious pro for a couple of waves there, and some photographers were taking shots of me and asking for my name.  The funny thing is that after Daniele dragged me there -because Joel wouldn’t even consider it, I didn’t want to leave.  I think that it is going to be a pretty good year.

It is all about looking forward in 2009.  I have a brand new niece and my career is starting to take off.  This make-it-happener gig seems to be right up my alley and the Stags are kicking ass in WCAC basketball and taking names.  We’re getting a new president in a matter of days now, and my birthday is around the corner.  The future just seems brighter in 2009, doesn’t it?

Everyone is asking about the Inauguration and if I’m attending any of the balls.  Well any time that you have something black and bourgeoisie as the first inauguration of a black President of the United States, you know that I have to make it happen.  On a scale from one to ten on the black bourgeoisie meter, this series of events rates one thousand.  It is off of the meter, folks.  There will not be a bigger, blacker, more bourgeoisie event in our lifetime. 

The only thing that could possibly be bigger than a black man being the leader of the free world is if Jesus Christ came back in a pimped-out Cadillac from the sky and threw a week’s worth of parties before the rapture.  But even then, I’m pretty sure that Jay Z and Russell Simmons wouldn’t be there, or at least they wouldn’t be nearly as excited.  I shouldn’t have to tell you people anymore that Jesus is black, but you get the gist of the fact that everybody and their momma would be talking about, "I know Jesus.  We go way back."  Oh, and Jesus is black, people…

At this point, my "in" at all of the inaugural events is owed, once again, to the fact that I am a Howard University alumnus.  The Bison are taking the lead in all of this because Barack received an honorary degree from Howard a couple of years ago and Washington DC is really our town.  Brothers have already gotten their tuxedo games up to par and are ready to make it happen.  The catch for most people is that fact that the events are all pretty expensive, but to a Howard man, this is old hat.

Every Bison knows, or soon learns, that it is not always what you know, but who you know.  Sometimes it is a combination of both.  In my case, I happen to know all the right young, gifted, and black folks on the scene and I am fortunate enough to call most of them good friends.  I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures because this is definitely going to be one for the ages.  I’m reluctant to post my personal schedule because some of you will just be jealous.  Let’s suffice to say that your boy is blessed!


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