Real Pimp Talk

Cut to Pretty Toney talking with his assistant pimp.

Pretty Toney said "no man, all bitches are the same just like my hoes. you know, I keep ’em broke.  Wake up one morning with some money they subject to go crazy, you know.  I keep ’em looking good and pretty and all that, you know?  But no dough…"

Cut to Goldie’s pimp sponsor laying down the game before he puts him on.

Old Pimp "The game is out there Goldie, just waiting for you.  You can be a player, perhaps one of the best.  You see you were one of my best boys: the sharpest.  I hated losing you…"

The Old Pimp continues in the classic black exploitation film, The Mack, featuring Max Julien.

"We gonna change all that now.  I’m going to put you on your feet again.  You’re going to have a bank roll so big when you walk down the street it’s going to look like your pockets got the mumps…

Now remember a pimp is only as good as his product, see, and his product is women so now you got to go out there and you got to get the best ones you can find. You got to work them broads like nobody’s ever worked them before.  And never forget: anybody can control a woman’s body, see, but the key is to control her mind.  You see pimpin’ is big business and it’s been going on since the beginning of time and it’s going to continue straight ahead until somebody up there turns out the lights on this small planet.  Can you dig it?  Right on."

Cut to BIG DIC holding it down at El Porto in the frog raise-up stance. 

Ya’ll all better recognize game.

I know that all of you are thinking what does DICooper surfing at El Porto have to do with the pimp game.  The answer is simple:  I’m Venice Beach official Dog Town status and you can’t even stop the Bruzz!


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