44th Presidential Inauguration Celebration: Part Four

Random Photos Edition


Damon Weaver is interviewing comedian Chris Tucker at The Root Inaugural Ball in the V.I.P. section.  True story, some random (black) couple came up to me and my date in the Kenneth E. Behring Center (the exhibit in the Smithsonian where they house the Presidential memorabilia) and asked if we wanted their V.I.P passes.  It was that kind of night.  I guess I didn’t even have to ask Natalie for any additional passes since black folks were in a giving mood.  Now how often does that happen?


Speaking of the Kenneth E. Behring Center, it was really interesting to see the presidential photos all in a row. Once again number 44 cemented a major point without even having to say a word in that one.  What a different world the children of today will grow up in!  Tom stopped by The McGann residence after we took the TJMS scholarship winners from Howard University out to lunch.  Aren’t Maven and Maverick McGann, adorable?  Maverick is Tom’s godson, and Maven is my goddaughter. 

Thomas and Toy couldn’t bring my other goddaughter because of the hectic schedule, but you can get the general idea.  We’re all thick as thieves.  I can’t wait for Toy to have her birthday party in Miami this year so we get to go jet skiing and party hopping all over South Beach, again.  I haven’t been there since Oscar’s 30th birthday party a few years back and I’m super stoked to make it happen.

There were these little cakes at Toy’s birthday party in Dallas that someone made and I swear they melted in your mouth.  The description "bite-sized cupcakes" doesn’t really do them justice, but they were shaped like hearts and I absolutely loved them.  Please, Lord, let there be more of those little cakes in Miami in a couple of weeks.  Hmmm-um-um.  Scrumptious and delectable!


Speaking of Oscar, Tom’s little brother, he came through Washington DC sporting a brand new girlfriend.  I know if may be hard for some of you to believe, but Oscar used to be one of the biggest pimps on this side of the Mississippi.  I suppose after he graduated FAMU and headed back West he settled down a little.  Let’s say that his 30th birthday party in Miami was the last straw.  Now that he’s deeply involved in Reach Media and Radio One, he needs to keep a more professional profile.  Quietly, you need a wife for all that and I guess he’s about to make it happen because he’s never been so forthcoming with his women before.  Anyway, I got a candid shot of him and Rudy, and a couple of him with his family on the historic night of the Tom Joyner All Star Tribute.

Keeping everything into focus, to the right are the TJMS Scholarship Winners from Howard University.  They were the spitting images of Thomas, Rudy, and myself when we were at Howard so many years ago: one was a political scientist, another studies communications and the one all the way on the right studies biology.  That sort of thing just doesn’t happen everyday.

Another thing that doesn’t happen everyday is getting asked to leave a restaurant when you clearly had reservations.  B. Smith’s restaurant in Washington DC takes the cake for their asinine behavior on the afternoon of January 19th.  Those imbeciles over there had the nerve to turn down our reservations because they weren’t able to figure out that Barack Obama’s security detail would be conducting a sweep of Union Station.  So the long and short of it is, that the maitre’ d at B. Smith’s restaurant told the Tom Joyner Foundation to go and fuck themselves because they didn’t have their acts together during the biggest week in the city.


Being the resourceful bourgeoisie black folk that we are, though, we headed to Georgia Brown’s restaurant instead and Tom vowed that this was the last time that B. Smith’s would get a chance to enjoy his business.  All in all, the girls were very resilient and they had a nice time eventually.  You would think that B. Smith’s would have been smarter than all of that so that they could get a good plug on black radio, but the dumbasses didn’t even read between the lines when I was trying to explain that one of the girls is handicapped and not necessarily all that mobile.


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