Essentially Shutting Down

“Remember, man, that thou art dust; and to dust thou shall return.”

Today is Fat Tuesday. I know that most of you don’t even know what I’m talking about because you aren’t Catholic or from the South. Maybe you’ve never been to New Orleans and had jambalaya, red beans, and shrimp etouffee? What about hot sausage? Does Mardi Gras ring a bell? Well that is exactly what Fat Tuesday means in French.

I celebrated last night by going to see Mos Def at the 9:30 club. I can’t say that the show was all that awesome because Mos Def got there all late and claimed that his flight was delayed. I don’t know about the rest of you, given this sucking economy, but I have a really good job and I’m not trying to lose it. Hanging out on a Monday night is not something that a prudent working man would normally do, but I channeled my inner New York City teacher days and powered through. I made it to work, too, just like old times.

The opening act, Hezekiah, wants you know that his new album “I Predict a Riot” will be in stores soon. Hezekiah sounded a lot like Mos Def, and he had a few songs that I must have heard somewhere on the radio. On a scale from one to  ten, I’m going to have to give the whole shebang a six. The doors opened at 6:30 and despite having a ticket, I had to wait in the bitter cold with my date before getting in. The line was stretched around the corner just to let you know how much I love Mos Def –but his rating still had to suffer. His new music didn’t sound all that great either, even though it started fast.

I happen to know Mos Def, personally, and I really should have taken the time to pull the necessary strings in order to not wait in that line with the rabble but I didn’t take the initiative. I was too busy playing it cool, literally, riding on a skateboard to meet a girl in a car to ask Lysa for his number. I was also trying to get an interview for a piece that I was working for that would have probably ended up on this site, but the show ran so late that I had to bounce. My real job requires me to be well-rested and energetic early in the morning so the shameless namedropping will have to suffice in lieu of the absence of substantive journalism. Don’t you love guys that are always like, “I know Dante, I know Dante?” Well, I make it happen, baby. I can claim bomb as much as I want.  (Thanks Joel & Maya for the new nomenclature.)  ((Oh, look more claim bombing!))

So yeah, back to the Fat Tuesday, while Obama is talking to Congress tonight I’ll be dining on fine Creole cuisine at Arcadiana. I’m so desperate for New Orleans right now. I know that the city, itself, will never be the same again and most of friends that are from there no longer live there. The utter devastation that hurricane Katrina caused to the city was far deeper than merely the cosmetic. Quietly, Obama need to rectify that. I know that they’re still holding Mardi Gras down there and eating King cake and such but without the history of the people down there you are bound to lose elements of flavor.

The oldest Mardi Gras celebration in the United States happens to be in Mobile, Alabama anyway. I love Southern cuisine just as much as the next country boy, but Alabama doesn’t have anything on Louisiana, you dig? Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should give up for Lent? As it stands now, I’m giving up being an asshole.  I guess I could give up claim bombing, but that might be too unrealistic. 


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