And You Say New York City!

Let’s be completely honest. I had another outstanding weekend. As you may know, from a historical perspective this weekend meant a lot to my family because Lysa decided to move back to Prince & Crosby. (You know the place where Lysa used to team up with Ellen Von Unwerth and have supermodels coming through like, “what?” Well its back on.) I don’t want you to think that she’s leaving Rose Avenue or West 11th & Bleecker, though. Lysa, in typical Lysa fashion, is going to hold down Venice Beach and the West Village too. My sister isn’t made of money, and we’re all doing our parts to make it work, but after six years it’s going down. My job was to help Lysa move into the brand new old digs that she held down for 14 years, and to stay on at West 11th and Bleecker with Joel and the Sector 9 crew.

As you can see the guy with the sweetest deal is, once again, me. I could do this in my sleep.  Supervising movers and partying with Joel is what I do, people. Lysa couldn’t have found a better man for the job. So the breakdown is like this now: girls are going to be at Lysa’s place at Prince and Crosby and the boys will hold down the West Village from now on. (I know –big surprise.) Lysa & Tori together with Fresh Clean Media (Shelby), versus Joel & I together with Sector 9 (EG) is how its popping off. The rotation is New York City, Los Angeles, and Oahu. Maui, San Diego and Washington DC are added by default. Obviously franchising your icon status and aligning yourself with a profitable corporate sponsorship has a lot to do with making something like this happen.

2009 is really getting hype these days because there seems to be a lot of big plans in the works. I have no idea what Lysa has up her sleeve for NoLIta / SoHo but I know that the West Ville is going to be all about boards. Kookbox Surfboards is in full effect and I’ll be blogging them from The Purple Room in exchange for free reign and holding it down. This time Joel is determined to do this surfboard company right, so we’re keeping everything in-house and tightly circled. The idea is to have multiple cities to launch urban surf culture. Most people don’t think of surfing as an urban sport but Kookbox is out to change all of that. When I tell you that it is about to jump off, it is really about to jump off, so you better start getting your psyche prepared. The talent level of this crew is so thorough; I do not believe that it will fail.

So with most of the pieces coming together this past weekend we did what any other thorough crew would have done in New York City. We partied. Or rather, I should say, that Lysa made us all help in the move and then after we put her house together somewhat, we partied. When I first got there, I saw The Purple Room in a state of boxes and Danny Fuller was watching American Gangster on the long purple couch while Tori was in the bedroom. I couldn’t believe that all Lysa’s stuff was ready to be carted away the next day when the movers arrived, or that I would be willing to do it. By the time that Joel and Lysa arrived back to the killer pad on Friday night it was 11 PM and I was drinking Glenfiddich scotch rather heavily. Not long after, Lysa went to one of her girlfriend’s houses and Tori went out with her friends. Joel was talking about hitting up Goldbar, so we bounced and left Danny Fuller there by himself to his own devices.

Joel and I kicked it at Goldbar and sipped free whiskey courtesy of the crew that did the photo shoot of him earlier that day. It was a really good look for a little while, but it was a little crowded so we went to Beatrice. Beatrice really wasn’t much better on what was now early Saturday morning so we went back to The Purple Room and passed out. When I woke up the moving almost started immediately. On no food, fresh off the Blackberry, I commenced to hauling boxes down five flights of steps. Sometimes I really believe that I am super human. The only reason why I know that I’m not is because I almost passed out and had to eat a bacon cheeseburger at The Savoy restaurant, downstairs, in order to complete the job. I also ordered three Little Frankie’s pizzas and shared it with Danny and Tori so they could see how good the variety of New York’s exceptional pizza really was.

I think that they got the hint. My buddy from DeMatha and The Six of Us photo, Joseph Polowczuk also surprised me by coming through shortly thereafter and helped us out a little with his girlfriend Christine. (Incidentally, Joe also helped Lysa in the move from that very same place to L.A. six years earlier, so there was a little bit of a full-circle thing happening.) People flowed in and out of the house like the old days and it brought back memories from when Loosie would roam and Belinda & Willow were afoot. The nostalgia of it all had me choking back the tears and it might have even distracted us from realizing that the move wasn’t going as well as it could have. We weren’t able to get the table in through the window like last time, and it also precluded getting the couch in, but we still wound up partying afterwards. Danny, Tori, Joel and I walked on down to La Esquina for some tacos and even took some pictures for our homeboy who couldn’t be there.  I don’t know where we found the energy to go to Goldbar and Beatrice again, but that is exactly what happened.

Sunday, I was on chill. The east coast was anticipating a snow storm and I was already thinking about my responsibilities for the week. Joel and I went to Frank’s Chop Shop and got haircuts before walking to Bread for brunch, and then to Lysa & Tori’s to hold it down. This turned out to be a great plan. I think that I put together a shower organizer or something but to be completely truthful, my memory is a little hazy. I remember buying a bottle of Glen Livet scotch so I could have one over there and that might have contributed to my foggy state of mind. Jah Rib came over and started to discuss his next level plans to do even more Bob Marley surfboards with Joel and to take even more photographs. He also showed a sick video of Joel surfing in Jamaica that was internet ready. Danny Fuller almost topped that by pushing his upcoming photo exhibit downtown (April 2) and for signing with RVCA. Joel took the prize, however, when he said that he was in talks with Dante Ross to do something really spectacular.

I can’t exactly say what it is yet, but let’s just say that A&E is involved, and that it will change the face of the surfing game for a long time to come. I alluded to it in an earlier paragraph when I started talking about capitalizing on iconography. Anyway, all in all, it was a fabulous weekend not because of what we actually did but for the groundwork that was laid. Any good builder knows that it takes a strong foundation in order to hold up a monument that can withstand the test of time. I believe that the crew is coming together in just such an organization. Hip-hop, fashion, surfing, writing, photography, clubbing, skating, judo, jiu-jitsu all go together like we do. March is certainly coming in like a lion. The snow started to blanket New York City right after the sun went down on Sunday but I still went out to dinner anyway.

Afterwards, I went home to pack up the clothes that I never changed into because I decided to leave most of the stuff there, instead. I took a shower and put on my work clothes for the next day and headed to Penn Station to catch the train that would put me slightly ahead of the impending storm and back to Washington DC in time for a full day’s work. When I arrived in Union Station on Monday morning, the first thing that I did was to check to see if DeMatha had done their part of reaching the WCAC Tournament finals, and the Stags didn’t disappoint. It will be DeMatha versus Gonzaga in the finals at American University, on Thursday. (DeMatha and Gonzaga split during the regular season and the Stags beat the Purple Eagles and Saint Johns to close out the season in case you’ve been under a rock.) Of course, I’m going to the game, but I have to weave my way through a treacherous work week full of meetings and proposals. I haven’t decided yet, if I should go back to NYC this weekend for more fun or not. What do you think that I should do? Who do you think is going to win the WCAC championship in basketball in 2009?


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