What Can I Say About April?


What can I say about April, other than spring? This time of year really speaks to me now that I’m not living in the land of perpetual summer anymore. The winter was especially cold for your boy. 2008 was great but we have to be honest with ourselves after a first quarter assessment of this year. Newer goals have to be set because the parameters are so official and constant.  I am fortunate enough to write that I have already achieved the pinnacle that I had imagined in my youth and the vision has finally shifted.


The latest development these days is that I still have a great job and I’m still single. I know that it really doesn’t make much sense, but that is exactly how it is going down. If this keeps up much longer, I’ll be living in Japan and holding down the Land of the Rising Sun. Stacking chips on a whole new level is what is going down in 2009, and everybody knows that you’ll definitely need a lot of paper if you want to live in Tokyo. And, yes, I want to live in Tokyo – I hear that they have nice precincts there.  Well I don’t necessarily have to live there forever, but I think that a year or six would be nice.


I don’t think that it is much of a secret now that my next destination is the Far East. I have to seriously see one of those meditative gardens. My fascination could be getting the better of me, but I believe that I am destined to see where all of these Cherry Blossom trees came from. They better never let me get over there with a working Visa either, because then I know that I’m never coming back. Even though I don’t speak Japanese, I feel like I’m a fast learner and I will still roll the dice in a heartbeat.

The flowers are absolutely out of control. As you already know, I absolutely love flowers. Flowers are blooming all around despite the fact that it is still early in the season. I love it when the flowers bloom and fill the air with their fragrances of herbal fornication.  It just makes me want to get out there and stare them down while they are still here.  I won’t even gather them anymore.  I believe that gathering them is a young person’s game, but I’m free to gaze.  Just as spring follows winter, you cannot interrupt the natural order of things.  Yeah I’m totally rambling and not focused but I got you to look at all these flowers.

Dr. Poston would be proud.


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