June is Summer Official

June 2009 Starts and Fits


Say what you want folks, but this June has been pretty official. It started out with me taking pictures of flowers. The month ended up with me going back and forth to New York City and generally acting badly. I say that I was acting badly, but if you are a nightlife aficionado then you might say that I was acting in accordance with the norms and standards of the hipster elite. I’m not writing that because I’m elitist. I wrote that because I want you to know how the month went down. Sometimes my life goes in starts and fits.  Sorry you had to wait so long for posts that are so empty and devoid of information.

Guess Who Got Engaged

Super hot girls don’t usually last on the market very long. Italian-Cuban mixed super hot girls have to be pre-ordered and shipped directly to your home or else you run the risk of the postman stealing your prize. Anyway, I’m happy for Giada. We never went out, but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t watching out of the corner of my eye. She’s officially down with the crew so it would have been a more than a little awkward. Giada dated one of my homeboys. Hopefully he’s not nearly as devastated as he first was when she broke up with him eight years ago, as he is today reading about her engagement.  No black people were engaged in this short post.

Prince & Crosby

Now that the family has settled back into the old digs at Prince & Crosby I think that it is safe to say that it’s going down this summer. I might have said this before, but so what? The bottom line is that the Sony Trinitrons were made for sitting in front of on a long purple couch.  Seriously, I think that it is in the Operations & Maintenance Manual for men’s health.  I tried to tell Rudy that if he got on the purple couch that he could have lasted much longer than a half-hour on the scotch while watching baseball, but he didn’t listen.  He just had to go to the round couch, and… well… you can see what happened next.

My Second Cousin’s Wedding

Griffen Takes New York

The best part about having friends that ball out of control is that they’ll come and visit you wherever you might be. In this case my God-daughter is perhaps the most well-traveled kid in the clique. I’m not talking about the extended clique, but the real clique. You know how we roll: Daniel, Rudolph, and Tom; Rudy, Dan & Tom; Tom, Rudes, and Knuckles. It’s all the same –even though I’m the only one now without a child. Tom just brings Griffen Elle everywhere, anyway. Rudolph had the good sense to send his kids to New Orleans for the summer –just like every other year. Anyway, we kick it on the couch. Same drill, different city, interchangeable parts making it all happen.

Taking a Break

This is me taking a break.


Look over there…  Yeah, so what?  I changed outfits and got a haircut.  Big deal.  Move along.


Quinn Cook plays for the United States National Basketball Team for boys 16-and-under (U16). Quinn Cook is blowing up the spot. It always makes me happy to read about the Stags doing well and the fact that Quinn is playing for the U.S. U16 National Team, I figured that this is a good opportunity for us to all root for him. The Stags make it happen, ya’ll. There aren’t that many players that are afforded this opportunity. The last Stag to win a gold medal representing the United States wound up in the Basketball Hall of Fame. I’m talking about Adrian Dantley, ya’ll. Quinn Cook is an official point guard. Enough said.

Here is a link to an article that basically says all the same stuff except it is way more intelligible and probably has better pictures. The 2009 USA Basketball Men’s U16 National Team (5-0) captured the gold medal at the 2009 FIBA Americas U16 Championship after posting a 101-87 victory over host Argentina (4-1) in Mendoza, Argentina. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! Seriously though folks, Quinn Cook and people like him are the only thing that makes blind nationalism even possible for a black man such as myself. I guess I still have Chuck D’s mentality when he said “most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps.”

With Obama in the White House, Stags winning gold medals, and the Fourth of July around the corner it suddenly became a little harder to regulate the patriotism. Well maybe not that hard, but you get my drift right? Times are changing, but the Stags’ colors have always been red, white, and blue.


In other DeMatha news, Marcus Coker is a beast. He’s going after the 2000 yard mark in this upcoming senior year season. Oh, and Marcus Coker has a lot of options. Maybe that is because the kid is well-spoken in addition to being a phenomenal athlete. Seriously go click on that link.  If you don’t get the gist of it from the Washington Post video then I guess you’ll have to go back to the article that ESPN did on him last February.  Either way, the Stags are looking to 7-peat as WCAC champions this fall and Coker figures to be a big part of all that.

And More STAGS!

And while you’re at it, click on this link too. This one says that Sports Illustrated has once again seen fit to honor DeMatha Catholic High School for Boys the title of the best all-around high school athletic program in the state of Maryland.  Now before you start griping about the stress on athletics or say something stupid, let me remind you that the Stags also have a top notch academic program, too.  DeMatha Catholic High School for Boys has won the Presidential award for secondary education twice.

Last time I checked they don’t go handing out awards like that for nothing, so watch what you say. 

Oh, and I’m fully aware that all of the clickable links in this month’s post can be found in the Stags’ section.

FRANK 151 Chapter 36: The Erotica Issue, Release Party Montage

Jane Street Hotel

June 25th 2009

I thought that I told your dumb ass to be there, but then I checked my web site and realized that I didn’t really send out a formal public invitation.  Bummer.  You should have really been there, though.  You could have figured out where it was going to be if you had Facebook or something like that.  Seriously, the party was epic.  Shout outs to Baby Vampire, Jocelyn, Cleo, Giada, Sade, Mike Malbon, Dante Ross, Cat Fulmer, my sister Lysa, Saes, Irina, Vanessa Salle, Lyle, Alex Daniel, Tunde, Chef Alisa, Editor Adam, Kirsten Dunst, Teddy, and last but not least Maurice: still knockin’ fools out!  PEACE!

My Sister’s Birthday Bash 2009 Montage

VON (Bleecker & Bowery)

June 28th 2009



Shout outs to my sister Lysa, Tori Praver, Alex Daniel, Camellia Clouse, Sooji, Belinda, Shelby, Vanessa, David Roma, Lyle, Ari, Sade, Mara, Bonnie, Christina, Joe Polowczuk, Dante Ross, Christian, Joy Bryant, Chef Alisa, Dominic, Saes, Dawn and Jane Blevin

New Music: DJ Quick & Kurupt, Mos Def, Red & Meth




I totally realize that some of the interactive technology on this site is going over some of your heads out there in “the internets world wide webbing,” but please try and keep up for this one.  The last time that I posted music on the site for your guys to listen to, nobody seemed to understand the format of WMA.  For you jerks out there, it stands for Windows Media Audio.  Anyway, this time I got wise and I’m only posting the MP3’s.

Yo, you need to get out there and pick up that (DJ Quick & Kurupt) BlaQKout, and while you’re at it get that (Redman & Method Man) Blackout! 2. The new Mos Def, The Estatic, isn’t horrible either. I bought mine from Amazon so you know it’s an official purchase. I believe in supporting artists. I especially like supporting artists that are able to do it this big. Good shows, indeed. Get on it.

While we’re on the new music front, by now you should have also heard of Drake from Toronto, and also Wale from Washington DC. Both of those artists are really hot right now.  Drake is already the next big thing because of his “Best I Ever Had” song.  Wale is on fire for finally putting DC on the hip-hop map with tremendous lyrical skills.  See if you can find their music because I want you to support them and not just take the freebies. I’m not going to any concerts or anything, though. I just thought that ya’ll should know about it.

All you have to do is “right click” on the link that you want and then  “save target as” and then you’re off to the races.  Don’t let me down by emailing me and telling me that you can’t open the files.  Everybody plays MP3’s.  Also, FYI, there are plenty more music files to be had if you look in the public music folder.  But I’m not giving any whole albums away because I don’t need to be in anybody’s court room.

Getting Out of the Game

This is essentially the bonus round for music.  I wanted to throw the Drake out there with Little Wayne, even though I can’t even do it anymore.  Seriously, Lil’ Wayne has gone way too far and out of control with this song.  I know that it’s on a bunch of stations, but just peep it again –for the record.  Picture what the video for this song would look like in your mind before I shatter your dream.


I sort of alluded to it in the comments section for that song in my public file, but in case you missed it, Lil’ Wayne performed this song on stage at the B.E.T. Awards this year.  Let’s just say that this was totally inappropriate no matter who was on stage.  The fact that Lil’ Wayne had little girls [read: minors under the age of 18] on the stage while he said “I wish I could fuck every girl in the world” is deplorable even if B.E.T. had the wherewithal to bleep it out.  The fact that Lil’ Wayne had his own daughter on the stage when he said those words made me want to get out of the game.


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