Kookbox Blog I: The Genesis

Kookbox Official

It’s going down. This is one case where I don’t have to generate the buzz –I’m just riding the wave, but in case you haven’t heard already, Kookbox is officially upon us.

Finally there is going to be surf company that focuses on the demographic and lifestyle where we do the majority of our living: namely cities. Surfing as an urban pursuit hasn’t really ever been explored by Big Corporate Board Conglomerates because they would rather sell you the fantasy that you have to own a beach house to be officially in the sport. Never mind that I grew up in a beach house because Kookbox knows you better than that. Kookbox is set out to change the elitism of accessibility of surfing starting with affordable, ride-able, works of art.

Just by sticking to the statistics, we know that today more people live in cities and urban communities than in the suburban counterparts. If the sport of surfing is going to grow, then it is going to have to drastically change the old paradigm of the market share. Fancy words aside, urban exposure is the key to success for the sport of surfing. Joel Tudor probably came to that realization many years ago which is why he decided to actually do something about it: enter the reality of Kookbox. Taking inspiration from the ever popular ancient martial arts scene, Kookbox is determined to introduce the beach culture to the mainstream in kick-ass fashion. This unique niche goes to great lengths to promote a healthier, more active, and environmentally conscious lifestyle starting with versatile individuals.

Let us not forget that Kookbox surfboards are the official brand of Joel Tudor, so the highest quality along with proven performance is the standard. (If you haven’t already read A Soul Surfer Savior for Jiu-Jitsu then you probably don’t have a clue about the disciplines our friend has  mastered in order to bring you the absolute freshest gear.) Being multitalented requires energy, efficiency, grace, and a whole lot of focus in today’s world and fortunately, Kookbox has the attitude of a legend. The style wears equally well at Cardiff beach, and at Santos’ in New York City. The unofficial theme of Kookbox might as well be “have good vibes and will travel,” because with official locations in New York City and San Diego, one gets a flair for the surf voyage. It’s probably only a matter of time until there is revelry in the Gas Light District and someone is overheard recounting a recent session in Montauk. Kookbox is for the people!

Maybe your ambitions are not made of stuff as stern as a world-traveled, tri-coastal*, surf magnate and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt? Please believe me when I tell you that you can still join the party. Surfboard toting gangsters on the subway headed out to Far Rockaway, this one is for you! As a matter of fact, anyone that has a taste for the best of both worlds and recognizes that living in the city and going to the beach are not mutually exclusive probably already gets the point. (The diversity of experiences will eventually lead to an amplified conflux that can never be impeded or stopped when the right balance is achieved.) It is a good thing that the new generation is a little more inclusive when it comes to surf culture because Kookbox is already ahead of the curve –and I just made the next section.

If you want to get with the program stop paddling for a second and shoot an email to the official crew:

Kookbox US & International: Andrew Blauschildkookboxsurfboards@gmail.com

Kookbox Japan: Shige KoikeShige@kookboxx.com

Marketing and PR contact: Lou Niles (760) 579-3826

Check out the wares on the website. Order your Kookbox surfboard, today. I’m going to be blogging all about Kookbox, and the Kookbox crews, so keep checking back for updates on the internet’s world wide webbing. That’s right kids. You heard it hear first. The okey-doke was the old Kookbox blog spot. This blog is the only one that is Kookbox Official. Stick with me and I promise you blogs, pictures, articles, and video of one of the greatest surfers of all time spreading the vibe that is Kookbox love to a city near you…

Catch it!

*Don’t try this at home kids, but a tri-coastal official holds it down on the East coast, West coast, and Hawaii too!


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