Bombing Ridiculous Gems of Black Thought

Bold, Black & Beautiful


Serious side note discussion starts here. Sometimes I feel like one of those dudes from "The Bold, The Black, The Beautiful" that kept on coming up to Lake Arrington’s job in wearing a cherry red thong, cowboy hats and boots and bowties threatening to expose him as someone who used to shake his "booty for mon-nay!"  Such a blatantly, over sexed, black males on the screen was actually an intelligent look into the act of blackmail. They practically went everywhere half naked and nobody would say anything or bat an eyelash.

There were like three of those dudes that routinely barged into the protagonists’ office when he was the Governor or something official like that. Instead of badgering politicians though, I get to break into the blogosphere in websites like this one, and this one…  and drop ridiculous bombs of black thought. It’s truly awesome. Black comedic writers take note: the only school for you is Howard University. When your more serious friends land respectable writing gigs, you too can go to their online professional residence and threaten to expose them as thinking like you do.

Remember how the trio of dancers used to be gyrating on Robert Townsend’s spoofed show and all they had to do was start humming the music and poor Lake Arrington couldn’t help but begin to groove?  The funk was so ingrained in him as a male stripper that he almost reverts back wholesale into his special moves designed to make the ladies swoon and abandon all previous respectability. I’m sorry that you can’t witness it here first hand because it isn’t even out there in the net due to strict copyrights.

Robert Townsend is a funny dude, man. His portrayal of Lake Arrington was genius and if HBO had any sense at all they would release it again as a full length movie so that he could get an Oscar. Seriously, some of that early work was straight up gold. Negro Acting School? Wow. I loosely based my two attempts at acting on that skit. Needless to say, I was in two Hollywood productions for bit parts. I saw Robert Townsend in NYC about a year ago at my man Cordell’s club The Box, and I thanked him. Yeah I just name dropped my boy again and shouted him out official.

Anyway, it’s about time for me to put my cowboy hat, boots, bowtie and thong back on…


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