DeMatha Soccer 2009

On the Road to Redemption

Okay so the entire DeMatha sports program is once again out of control. You knew this already going into to 2009. You knew that the Stags would be fully stacked and loaded and Head Coach Dafydd Evans was going to have us looking good. The Trinitarians took some flack a while back for hiring a guy from England to coach our soccer team, but if you ask me it was the right move. Those limeys are serious about their soccer, and the Stags are serious about winning everything: we’re a match made in heaven.

Well don’t look now but the DeMatha Stags are the number 15 in the country according to the ESPN rankings on Rivals. That’s right, this year the team is once again loaded and looking to do something about losing in the playoffs in recent years. Bishop O’Connell, Gonzaga, and Archbishop Carroll are all expected to be at the top of the heap this year alongside DeMatha for a WCAC title. The parity of the WCAC in the sport of soccer is at once refreshing for a change and cause for concern for the Stags. DeMatha struggled with draws (ties) last year and succumbed in many of those games due to penalty kicks. While losing games on penalty kicks does not negatively affect your overall record, it certainly doesn’t get you any WCAC championships, either.

I’ll keep you posted on the big games of the season but I don’t think that I’ll have the opportunity to follow every game. Soccer is sort of a tall order because they play most of the games right after school during the middle of the week. (Football is going to be difficult enough to keep up with this season, and I’m also managing a fantasy team with Rudy, Moose, Lorenzo and the boys.) For instance, the Stags beat rival Gonzaga yesterday 3-0, in a dynamic display of controlled offensive power and defense that just kept getting better as the game went on. The Stags managed to only allow nine shots on goal the entire game, and only two of those were in the second half of play. This is the kind of performance that the Stags will have to duplicate in order to win the WCAC.

DeMatha Stag soccer looks like it will get a lot of support to achieve their goal this year. Hundreds of students were on hand at the University of Maryland, College Park’s state of the art, Ludwig Field to see the Stags in their home opener. (Stags play and practice on nearby University of Maryland’s campus because they have some of the best athletic facilities in the country.) Needless to say, the Stags look good in home whites with red pin stripes and the Gonzaga Purple Eagles kind of looked like fakers wearing black. Don’t they know it’s the summer time and that it’s really hot outside? Yeah, smart choice considering that black isn’t even one of your school colors. Whatever, I hate Gonzaga: just in case you couldn’t tell.

Anyway the DeMatha Stags are 3-0 with wins over Bishop Ireton, Good Counsel and now Gonzaga.  The team is on their way to New Mexico to play in a National Tournament this weekend.  Wish them luck, because if they go undefeated it wouldn’t be entirely implausible to have two DeMatha athletic teams competing for a national title in the same season.   Also from now on you should search on Twitter for #StillAStag because I’m going to be shouting it out.


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