Labor Day Edition: Waning Summer

I hope you guys lived it up one last time before the great buckling down, as it were.  I sure had fun.  I’m just making sure that you’re getting everything that you’re supposed to be getting.  Like Too $hort said, “you should be gettin’ it.”  I tried to tell my little cousins yesterday that nobody hands anything out of value.  The younger ones look at me like someone from a foreign planet sometimes.  When momma and I roll up you can see the wonderment in their eyes.  After all, I’m living proof that they should be listening to what momma tells them on a regular basis.  Mom is pretty official in her matriarch role.  I suppose that most of the younger ones listen to both my mom and my aunt, but some more than others.  I love my cousins: Tolbert, Farmer, Giles, Cooper, Clory, Alexander, and all the rest.  They’re awesome and it lets me know that people come in more shades than sunlit skies.  Hold it now!  Anyway, I’m eating tilapia and Alaskan female crabs watching the last of college football opening weekend: Miami versus Florida State.  Not a bad way to head into the work week. Thanks momma.  I’m going to be an ant now.


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