I Love Holland

“Ayo, we out here in Amsterdam..” Ghostface Killah, Amsterdam (Return of the Swarm Pt 5)


Celebration of Red Hair Day in Breda, Netherlands


This morning I woke up and thought to myself, literally, can we get some more gingers on the screen? I love gingers. I also love the Netherlands. They really know how to hook stuff up, you know? The Dutch are doing it. Other countries are just faking in the game. They aren’t only operating with extreme message clarity, they are utterly transparent in their pursuit of the best stuff on earth. Maybe it’s because they ushered in mercantilism, and introduced the world to the practice of chattle slavery that they are just trying to chill it out for a while.  (Peep the world’s only festival dedicated to red hair.)  They did have that debacle in World War II where they decided it was better to side with Germany, because they are all Dutch, after all, and practically share the language. They never said that they were in it for anybody else but themselves, anyway. Whether you like it or not, you have to respect that gangster.


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