Cintia Dicker: Special Ginger Edition

I really just couldn’t help myself and had to post this last photo of a beautiful, redhead, ginger lady. I didn’t even get into the whole, the best gingers are black thing yet. I’m probably going to have to save it unless you can give me credit for this Brazilian model, Cintia Dicker. (Technically I think that she should count because we all know that Brazil is a hodgepodge.) Gosh, she’s fine. It also looks like the horse next to her realizes it, and would totally let her ride. Horses are snobbish like that. Sometimes if you don’t look the part, they’ll want to refuse you and there might be little that you can do about it.

“Don’t let no horse outman you.” That is some more old black man wisdom right there. Sometimes you have to be nice but also firm. One toss of the head could indicate that the horse is going to try to buck you. Hold the reigns firmly enough to hold the horse’s head steady without giving any other commands. If you aren’t able, then they horse will surely buck. And if you fall off, you better get right back on again, or you can forget riding that horse because you’re partnership is broken. Now imagine that all this advice is coming from an almost unintelligible, very old black man, standing about 5’6” with completely white hair. Welcome to my toddlerhood.

If any of you out there in the internets want to be a dear, won’t you mail me a picture of a black woman, fine assed, and redhead? I’d really appreciate it. I’ve met a couple in my day, but alas, I didn’t have the gall to take a picture and I was probably shut down. Maybe I didn’t look the part at the time or something? Every time that I see a black woman with red hair something inside me says, “yay.” Now that I think about it, I say “yay” just about for every redhead that I see. I’m a secret fan. People come in so many different shapes and sizes and we are all still 99.9% alike. Genetically, the difference between any two people on the planet is miniscule compared to other species.

Nature is awesome, right? What’s more awesome, Rio de Janeiro or genetics?  Anyway, the Stags play later today, so you know that I’ll be posting on that.  In case you people out there haven’t figured it out, I’m hiding and I have no life.  I’m not answering my phone and I’m not doing anything but blogging from here on out.  I’m only going to focus on my hobbies like horseback riding, genetics, and posting pictures of beautiful women.  There is nothing wrong with me.  I’m not sad about anything.  I’m actually really happy right now and trying to keep it that way.  I guess I’m writing all of this to tell each of you out there in the internet to put something down on my website.  (Leave a comment, check the addition of the categorized RSS Feeds, and let me know that you’re out there.)  I hate to get all Redman on you, but “if you ain’t got ten on it, act like you been on it, or get the fuck out my cipher.” 

Pretty soon I’ll be at 10,000 hits.  You internet people are a big part of that.  I appreciate the viewership.


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