DeMatha Soccer Update: Cody Albrecht Edition


Cody Albrecht DM 2011, High School Athlete of the Week


I guess the soccer Stags must have gotten off the plane and stepped right on the pitch to beat the hell out of Saint Johns College 5 – 0. I’m really proud of the way that they did that right there. Next on the agenda was a tougher McNamara team, and the Stags bested them 1 – 0. DeMatha will go on and face Bishop O’Connell on Tuesday where they will put their 5 – 0 record, the best in the WCAC, on the line in over there in Fairfax, Virginia. The Stags have an overall record of 6 – 1 and they should still be ranked nationally, when it is all said and done.

As if we needed another reason to want to root for the Stags, Cody Albrecht was named as CBS 7 Sports’ high school player of the week in their inaugural episode for the year. Yeah, I’m taking it there. As if on cue, Cody looks like he has some ginger hair on his head. Bringing it full circle, why does our soccer coach look like he could be someone’s GQ model or something? I’m going to have to pause on that for a second because I’m totally not gay, but WTF? Daffyd Evans has got to be one of the most sought after soccer coaches in the world –and that’s just the soccer moms. Ba-dump-bump! I couldn’t resist that one because one handsome man can recognize another one without it all being about man love.

Serious side note here: what is the deal with having to “pause” and write things like “no homo” when a man wants to pay another man a compliment or something that might be perceived as sycophancy? I’m really trying to get away from all that because I have nothing against our homosexual brothers and sisters out there. Besides, I think that everyone out there already knows that I’m not gay. Just because I’m thirty-five and never been married it doesn’t mean that I would have to resort to putting up pictures of hot women all over my web site to prove my manliness.  Anyway, DeMatha head coach Daffyd Evans also might want to look into taking the team out to Hollywood so he can do some auditions or something.  Actually, what the hell am I saying: DeMatha needs him. 


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