Early Release: Super Stag Edition

Marcus Coker’s Big Day Versus Gilman

The DeMatha Stags put a lot of respect on the line this afternoon and travelled to Baltimore to play the Gilman Greyhounds today.

Needless to say the DeMatha Stags won the game 56 – 35 and everything is right with Maryland football right now, as my alma mater is standing tall at the top of the heap. Our outstanding senior running back Marcus Coker decided it would be a good idea to carry the ball in soggy conditions. He did a pretty decent job of it, too. Coker ended the day with five touchdowns and close to four hundred yards on the ground, rushing. I’d say that was a pretty good day.

Football in the state of Maryland is an interesting beast, but let’s keep hoping that Marcus Coker can continue to be better than everybody else. The Gilman Greyhounds will take on Good Counsel on Thursday of next week so it will be interesting to see how the Falcons will fare. Because Gilman is a Baltimore school, they aren’t in the WCAC but they did give the Number 1 Stags everything that they could handle on the offensive end. The fact that Gilman was able to put up so many points on the DeMatha defense is cause for concern, but ultimately Marcus Coker and company were determined to stay in the local and national hunt for high school football supremacy.


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