Foreign Couch Potato Status: Olivia Munn Edition

Today has been a stellar day in college football people. I mean it is only 9 PM on the east coast right now and we’ve seen some tremendous college football. As you may have already guessed Howard University got their asses handed to them by Rutgers. There was no surprise there, although the Bison did manage to score in the second quarter, eventually losing 45 – 7. Something that I didn’t expect was UCLA beating Tennessee on the road 19 – 15. The highlight of my day was when I got to see Charlie Weis and Notre Dame lose to Michigan on national television. That was really awesome because I love to see the Fighting Irish lose ever since they fired Tyrone Willingham.

I’m spiteful like that, sometimes. Wake Forest beat Stanford in a thrilling game, and Wisconsin beat Fresno State in two overtimes. There were some pretty significant upsets today: Central Michigan over Michigan State comes to mind. Wow, I hope that you all realize out there in the internet world that my life is all about football until the deep winter. Chances are that none of you will see me until basketball season. I’m about to be so heavy off in the football from here on out, that I’m not going to have time to catch up with anyone. I’ve decided that this is going to be a hibernating winter, this year. Don’t worry, though, I’ll come out in February.


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