DeMatha Stags 56 Gilman 35

I’m not the only grown man obsessed with high school football.  This guy Kevin Lynch has apparently made a career out of it.  Check out the awesome highlight reel that he made of the the DeMatha versus Gilman game yesterday.  Also read the article that Josh Barr did in the Washington Post.



You’ll just have to trust me on this point: it is worth every second of the download time to see Marcuse Coker literally running over and through people in the comfort of your own home.  I don’t know where we found this kid, but he is the absolute truth.  Just ask the Gilman Greyhounds that tried to tackle him.  I’m starting to feel like Iowa is getting an absolute steal with this kid.  If Marcus Coker isn’t the kind of running back that the Big Ten Conference (NCAA Division I) is known for, than I don’t know what else is.

The video also confirms that our secondary wasn’t torched as badly as the score suggested.  Gilman is a really good football team with some phenomenal athletes.  I still feel like the DeMatha Stags will be better off if Gilman loses to Good Counsel on Thursday.  This will, at the very least, preserve the suspense that much longer as to who is the best in the WCAC.  If Gilman manages to blow out the Good Counsel Falcons then I would be worried about overconfidence on the part of the DeMatha Stags when they face the Falcons in October.


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