Howard University 7 Rutgers University 45

I don’t know what Howard University was thinking when they put Rutgers University on their football schedule.  Maybe they got a lot of money for playing the game.  The experience couldn’t have possibly been all that positive.  The Bison were absolutely crushed by Rutgers and there was one hit that absolutely took the cake at the end of a reception for a touchdown.  Check the video.


Howard Football 2009


So I’m pretty sure now that Howard University has no chance of winning more than three games this year.  I’m pretty sure that we’re going to lose at Homecoming too.  It’s so sad.  Why do we suck so hard?  I guess I should try to focus on the positive.  The positive in this case centers around the fact that Rutgers University is the alma mater of Paul Robeson.  Paul Robeson deserves a profile in black genius post, and I’ll get to that later, but in addition to being a major brain he was a pretty good football player.  I’m not kidding, Paul Robeson made the College Football All American team in 1917 and again in 1918.  That is totally ridiculous.  You would think that Paul Robeson was out there on the field today for the Scarlet Knights with the was they was whuppin’ Howard’s collective ass.  Damn the Bison could use a little help! 

How are you going to run all the way down the field to get blocked?  You could have just eased up and let the blocker pass, because you obviously weren’t planning on catching the guy, anyway.  This guy just embarrassed himself so badly, it deserved it’s own, separate post.  I’m not going to call out his name, but you can see his number up there on the screen right up until the point where he gets completely leveled.


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