391 is Official: Marcus Coker Rushes for Most Yards in DeMatha History

Marcus Coker is the best running back in the WCAC this year.  Marcus Coker is also the single game leading rusher in the storied history of DeMatha Catholic High School for BoysThat is real talk

I’m going to let that sink in for a second because DeMatha has produced some outstanding running backs.  A couple of them are in the NFL right now, playing on Sundays.  Of course, Marcus Coker is committed to Iowa University and he will probably go on to an outstanding college career, but first he’s going to bowl right over anyone who gets in his way while he’s running towards the end zone.  Here he is pictured above with his foot firmly planted in a Gilman Greyhound’s chest.  Did I mention that while he was amassing 391 yards of offense Marcus Coker also scored five touchdowns?

Marcus Coker Needs A Nickname 

You may remember a television show from the early years of the technology that used to be the longest running, syndicated, show in American history: The Lone Ranger.  Well the thing is, our man Marcus Coker has plenty of help, so the word “lone” doesn’t fit.  What our record setting running back lacks in solitude he more than makes up for it in the length of his runs.  I’m not talking television shows anymore, because you saw the highlights: one eighty yard touchdown run to go with another seventy-eight yard touchdown run, plus three more.  You get my point?  I present to you…

The Long Ranger 

Cue John Mitchell and the DeMatha Wind Ensemble playing William Tell Overture.  Marcus Coker has long term vision.  He wanted to march towards justice and his second consecutive 1000 yard season, and win another championship.  Marcus Coker dashes right over defenders, faster than a speeding bullet, on his quest for touchdowns.  Did we already mention that Marcus Coker has run the longest amount of yards from scrimmage in a single game throughout DeMatha’s History, because that is sort of a big deal?  He is pictured above, in his Gilman poster, wearing a mask to protect a couple of broken bones in his face that he suffered while playing seven on seven this summer, without pads. 

He just might leave your team wondering, “who was that masked man?”

Go Stags.


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