Shine On: The Long Ranger Edition


You know that you’re really doing it at the high school level in sports when you make it to the national publications.  Of course DeMatha already began the season by making USA Today Pre Season rankings, and they haven’t lost, but Marcus Coker just got a little more shine for the Stags in the ESPN world.  “TMQ” is the Tuesday Morning Quarterback, column written by Greg Easterbrook and is block quoted below for your convenience.  (You can also follow the ESPN link above and scroll 3/4 of the way down.)

One of the very best prep schools for a male athlete is DeMatha, a Catholic boys’ school outside Washington, D.C., which not only produces strong sports teams but also has a genuine emphasis on academics. There are high schools with excellent sports but the athletes barely attend class. TMQ has little regard for these places; a kid who goes on to college sports from DeMatha is a kid who will study hard and graduate. Anyway, on Saturday, DeMatha had one running back rush for 392 yards and another back rush for 129 yards in a wild 56-35 win against a high school that is a traditional power. You don’t see a lot of 500-plus rushing days in contested games.

Yeah.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog the other back that rushed for 129 yards was Michael Meriwether. If I had a picture of Meriwether I would have posted it a long time ago, but I think you can already pick out Marcus Coker. There are so many Stags stacked up over there ready to play that it is hard to keep track sometimes. I know this, recruiters know this, and the guys over there at ESPN know it, too. We might not have a game on national television this year, but the world is indeed watching the DeMatha Stags.  I sure hope that the boys can keep it together because this would be a  heck of a way to break into the top ten in those USA Today rankings at the end of the year…


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