Stags Kick It In Gear in WCAC Regular Season Play

The DeMatha soccer team was back in action this past Tuesday and blanked Bishop O’Connell 3 – 0. I’m proud of the Stags because they bounced back nicely from their loss in New Mexico two weeks ago and they haven’t lost since. They haven’t even given up a goal. This is good news in a conference in which boys’ soccer has turned into stalling tactics. Let us not forget that three years ago Bishop O’Connell played no offensive positions after scoring a lone goal to tie DeMatha. Once the score was tied, they waited and played all of their players on defense in order to decide the game on penalty kicks. Needless to say, DeMatha could claim no glory for years due to this degenerative strategy that actually robs the game. Anyway, Bishop O’Connell wasn’t able to employ it on their home field this year because the Stags were too good for them.

Brian Alvarez, Cody Albrecht, and Oseghae Tobi Iguade, all scored for the Stags making it appear that our offense is more balance than previous years. I like that. It makes me feel good and warm inside when the Stags win. The food tastes better and the birds wake me up in the morning. Don’t they look good in the away, blue kits? I sure think so. I’m fascinated with the fact that our colors are red, white, and blue like U.S.A. I also think that it is cool that the last names of the three kids that scored on Tuesday are a pretty diverse collection. I don’t even really follow soccer like that but this collection of Stags is pretty easy to root for. I never played soccer at DeMatha because when I went there we pretty much sucked. I mean, Joe Polowczuk was on the team –that should have pretty much said everything. Oh, and before you wonder, even if I did join the team that sucked I doubt that I would have had a significant influence on WCAC soccer. I was okay, but I wasn’t Pele or anything like that. If you want to read the real commentary on soccer and the game and stuff like that, you should click on the picture and go to DC Sports Fan.


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