Friday Night Lights

Coverage for DeMatha vs. Friendship Collegiate Begins Tonight @ 7 PM Via Twitter

As you already know, the DeMatha Stags are playing football tonight against Friendship Collegiate and I’ll be in attendance. I plan on tweeting the entire game so if you haven’t done so already, now is the time to start following me on Twitter. (Also, about my Twitter account: I’m going to have to make it private so you’re really going to have to follow me soon because there is some risqué stuff on there from time to time.) You should be following me already, and many of you just check my Windows Live Profile, but it’s time to make it official. 

Of course full coverage, if you ever want to call what I do “full coverage,” will be provided when I am good and hung over and watching college football on Saturday. I might even take some pictures for myself since it is really difficult to get them from my favorite sources these days. (My favorite sources are other websites.) Everybody these days is a writer, and those that don’t write seem to be getting in the photography game. I don’t have any qualms with them, but they put watermarks on all their photos as an advertisement to buy them. The only watermark that The Chronicles of Six does is our own watermarks.  Nobody else’s watermarks are allowed over here. We don’t support others making a buck on high school sports, either. Try to concentrate on the sport for the sports’ sake while you’re here.

Friday night lights are for the children! Seriously, I write so much about high school sports because I know that all it takes is one recruiter to read some deserving kids name in a blog and then whammy, he’s getting a look. I’m not saying that every time that I write something about a DeMatha kid he gets a scholarship, but every little bit of buzz on a potential student-athlete helps. In most cases, I’m not even a third, fourth or fifth option in the research department for college recruiters, but the numbers don’t lie: as soon as football season starts I mysteriously start getting more hits than at any other time of year. I know that nobody is checking back here for pop culture because I purposefully delay most of those posts until after the news cycle has already died down.

Anyway, if you see a lonely looking guy at the DeMatha game tonight constantly fiddling with his Blackberry wearing the school colors then you should take that as your opportunity to holler at The Bruzz. Unfortunately, Maverick and Maven have football and cheerleading practice tonight, respectively, so I won’t be able to show Rudy & Nat’s kids how the Stags live until a later date in the season. Oh well, I’ve had to go it alone in the past. It’s just like old times, actually. I don’t mind going alone because no matter what I feel at home when I get there because the DeMatha Family is so sincere.


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